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Today's News - October 31, 2002

Our latest issue of WhoWhatWhen is chock full of news notes. -- The saga of Melbourne's Federation Square rivals that of Sydney's Opera House (and, depending on who you talk to, just may give Sydney a run for its money as a national architectural symbol); the architects are glad it's over. -- Meanwhile, the Sydney Opera House upgrades move along. -- La Scala Opera House in Milan faces its own controversies (includes great links to articles documenting the brouhaha). -- In Los Angeles, voters will decide on a proposition that would include almost $100 million for LACMA that would "subsidize the questionable design by trendoid architect Rem Koolhaas." -- A government officer says that "never in a month of Sundays could the Scottish Parliament have been built for £40 million," and that delays included having to virtually redesign the building to specific needs, which begs the question of why the original design was so lacking. -- Urbanism and architects taken to task in the UK; a new book claims that architectural profession is "completely out of touch;" and architects are as guilty as anyone for many urban ills. -- Pearman reviews a blockbuster show. -- Vancouver has big plans to win 2010 Olympics…and much more.

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Who What When - 10/31/02: dates & deadlines, noteworthy, on the boards, names and faces, etc.- ArchNewsNow

The new heart of Melbourne: Federation Square has forever changed the size, shape and feel of our city - Lab architecture studio- The Age (Australia)

Federation Square: 'It's not our problem any more': Many critics bad-mouthed their design. But now that it's built, the architects say, the work speaks for itself. - Don Bates, Peter Davidson/Lab architecture studio- The Age (Australia)

A New Aria for the Architect of Sydney's Opera House - Joern Utzon; Richard Johnson- New York Times

La Scala Puts Restoration on the Web: will allow the public to follow the contentious renovation - Mario Botta [web links]- Andante

City Observed: Design and the Body Politic By Sam Hall Kaplan- KCRW

Comment: In a month of Sundays: presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament speaks in defence of the Holyrood project...is dismissive of concerns - Enric Miralles- Edinburgh Evening News

Urbanists demand ‘radical’ summit: a new book, Re:urbanism...saves its most savage critique for the architecture profession- The Architects' Journal (UK)

What did architects ever do for us? Who should take the rap for society's ills? The government says bad architects are as guilty as anyone- BBC

CABE wins new role as urban space champion: to promote good practices regarding urban green space- The Architects' Journal (UK)

Six cities shortlisted for culture capital bid: ...one-time favourite Belfast shocked at exclusion- The Guardian (UK)

Exhibition Review: The Aztecs: how to invent a civilization. By Hugh Pearman [images]- HughPearman.com

Olympic Park to Become Heart of "Second Capital" to Beijing- People's Daily (China)

Vancouver 2010 Olympic corp proposes $170 million in facilities- Vancouver Sun

A Disney Resort Remodels for Business Travelers: rooms are being redesigned by the original architect, Michael Graves & Associates.- New York Times

Philadelphia Waterfront Revival: Liberty Landing by Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates [images]- ArchNewsNow

This week at ArcSpace:
Yokohama International Port Terminal by Foreign Office Architects;
New Copenhagen Metro by KHRAS Architects [images]
- ArcSpace


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