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Today's News - July 8, 2002

Our four-day holiday is over (and many thanks to concerned international readers who missed the newsletter on Thursday and Friday). Of course, that means there's four days of news to catch up with, and there is quite a lot…

The newest ANN feature highlights a beautiful bridge in Sweden that, when completed, will relieve much of the traffic congestion in the center of Motala.

Success (and failure) of urban and suburban planning is, as usual, a hot topic, from Detroit, Blackpool, and Boulder to Delhi and Sydney. Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects has re-designed a Manhattan apartment tower cum "habitable sculpture" (the report does not include the before/after renderings from the print edition, but the revised version is disappointing - and still may not get zoning approval). Toyo Ito has a hit in London while Prince Charles accuses UK architects of living in historic manses while foisting "modern monstrosities" on others." Frank Gehry adds a plume to his crown. And much more...

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Vätternbridge by Erséus, Frenning & Sjögren Arkitekter and Scandiaconsult Sverige AB: Traffic congestion in a town center will be relieved via a scenic route over a bay.- ArchNewsNow

Detroit Urban Renewal Without the Renewal: For Mayor, the need to rid the city of deserted buildings outweighs the consideration of what will replace them...at least two once-magnificent pre-Depression skyscrapers sitting empty downtown...might be bulldozed.- New York Times

A Cubist Tower's Reach Exceeds Its Grasp - Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects- New York Times

Now you see it: Can buildings melt into air? Toyo Ito's new pavilion in Hyde Park suggests that anything is possible, says Jonathan Glancey - Toyo Ito; Cecil Balmond/Ove Arup [with link to images]- The Guardian (UK)

Foreign architectural clones smear Delhi landscape- Times of India

A Gothic Campus Purges Its Architecture of 60's Functionalism - Graham Gund- New York Times

Smith in ‘build [Daniel Libeskind’s] Spiral with £25m Dome rebate’ plea- The Architects' Journal (UK)

Safeguards in cities could get new look: Hidden barriers key to antiterror plan - Chan, Krieger- Boston Globe

Architects avoid own creations, says Prince- The Times (UK)

Blossoming in Boulder County: New-urbanism trend takes hold in cities, towns and fields- The Daily Camera (Colorado)

Half a new jewel in Sydney's crown: Politics got in the way of a grand plan...For once, it is neither the developers' fault nor the architects'. - Philippe Robert; Bates Smart; Peddle Thorp; Henry Pollack Associates- Sydney Morning Herald

Design of Mary Baker Eddy Library speaks volumes about church - Ann Beha Architects- Boston Herald

Pentagon Rehab Pushes Innovation: [design/build team] develops "universal space" that could rapidly be reconfigured without a lot of construction - Studios Architecture/Hensel Phelps- Engineering News-Record

Blackpool on the Rocks: Britain's famed seaside resort has fallen on hard times. If casino promoter Trevor Hemmings has his way, though, its future could glitter- Business Week

Up and down the lakefront: It's a grand vision, though reality may intrude.- Chicago Tribune

Sails of the century: Utzon ... can visualise the Opera House in his head like a composer with a symphony.- Sydney Morning Herald

Gehry named to Order of Canada- Globe and Mail (Canada)


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