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Today's News - July 3, 2002

New York City's decision to suspend bottle recycling begs the questions of not only what other state/country will the trash end up, but also will a large portion of the homeless population that relies on bottle return income start tearing into garbage bags (the Mayor says the city can't afford it, but given human and environmental conditions today, how can the city afford not to?); New York Governor George Pataki's statement earlier this week, "We will never build where the towers stood," sent waves across the ocean; there's an effort to rekindle the Homestead Act; students offer hope for a neglected Miami neighborhood; Baltimore continues the reclamation of its waterfront; Chicago wants to be the greenest city in the country; mood and emotion in design takes in everything from Philippe Starck's Tribeca apartment development in East Melbourne (and his Juicy Salif lemon squeezer for Alessi) to the iMac and Volkswagon Beetle; we'll soon know the winners of the design competition for two major Olympic venues; Australians and Canadians aren't thrilled with some urban projects (one is the winner of a top prize for public design); and much more...

Just a reminder...there will be no newsletter tomorrow and Friday, July 4th and 5th (US holiday). We'll be back bright and early on Monday, July 8th.

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Obituary: George W. Anderson Jr. - Architect designed many area buildings- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Obituary: Michael Daniel Kelly - Stone Marraccini and Patterson/SmithGroup- San Francisco Chronicle

Seeking a memorial for New York: ...the city is digesting the most significant statement so far by the man who has more power than anyone else to determine the future of the World Trade Center site.- BBC News

Of Cornerstones And Domes: Architect of the Capitol Historian Pens First Tome On Capitol Architecture in 100 Years- Roll Call

Events aimed at revealing land's potential: Developers want residents to get to know Harbor Point - Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse- Baltimore Sun

New York City Scales Back Recycling- Environment News Service

Will opera house do its civic duty? The early design for the centre has much to recommend it, but it isn't likely to become an urban landmark - Diamond and Schmitt Architects- The Globe and Mail (Canada)

Sun-loving neighbours say nada to NIDA: The jurors sang a paean of praise to it...the public has been less than forthcoming with the glowing tributes. - Hassell- Sydney Morning Herald

In South Amboy, a New and Upscale Neighborhood: a former wasteland, is now a picturesque seaside village- New York Times

Reaching for Rural Renewal: Lawmakers propose a new Homestead Act to save dying Midwestern farm towns. Locals call the idea "useless."- Los Angeles Times

Drawing on the future: Students reinvent neglected area - EDAW Summer Student Program- Miami Herald

$1bil plan to rebuild [Spencer St.] station: but its design has dumbfounded Victorians. - Civic Nexus consortium - Leighton Contractors, ABN Amro Australia and architects Daryl Jackson and Nicholas Grimshaw [image]- Herald Sun (Australia)

City details ambitious 20-year plan: ...proposal could spur up to $755 billion in new construction...sets a goal of making Chicago "the greenest city in the United States."- Crain's Chicago Business

City altered rules, architect charges: [Jacksonville] Courthouse plan came in second - KBJ; Cannon Design- Florida Times-Union

The Five-Year Trend Continues: PSMJ Resources Survey Shows Average A/E Firm Billing Rate Hike Outpaced Inflation Yet Again- Business Wire

PBS Series Review: "Great Projects" constructs a monument to engineering feats (AP)- San Francisco Gate

Design form/function: Mood is everything. It's about emotional design...- Sydney Morning Herald

Logo contest gets off the mark: Olympic design conference...marked the start of a design competition for an emblem for the 2008 Games. Final decision [for design two major Olympic venues] will be made on July 14- China Daily


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