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Today's News - June 25, 2002

Today we present an object lesson in urban recycling: the new headquarters for Geoffrey Reid Associates. The design team has turned a rather unremarkable 1950's office building on a dark, narrow street in the heart of London's West End into a vibrant addition to the neighborhood. The project is also a prime example of - and showcase for - sustainable design strategies applied to older buildings.

Other news: Smart Growth on both coasts; solar housing in Africa; Calatrava clones in Milwaukee; Paul Goldberger gives us another take on Michael Maltzan's MoMA Queens (we'll have our own - with images - shortly); and skyscrapers and Ground Zero solutions (the Sydney Morning Herald's Elizabeth Farrelly has a particularly pointed view). How we'd like to spend our summer vacation (if we had one): at Target's Design Camp.

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Architects' Own Office: An architectural firm practices what it preaches for its own new home when it transforms a 1950's office building into a showcase for sustainable design strategies. - Geoffrey Reid Associates- ArchNewsNow

When Smart Growth is dumb: Is the new buzzword simply code for another attack on suburbia? By John King- San Francisco Chronicle

Vast Change Looms for Florida Timber Tracts: A Florida company is transforming a previously untouched 40-mile stretch of the state's panhandle region.- New York Times

The View From the Seven: MoMA Queens By Paul Goldberger - Michael Maltzan; Cooper, Robertson & Partners; Base Designs; 212 Associates- The New Yorker

Lakefront needs coordinated oversight: This is one of those good news/bad news things...By Whitney Gould- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Plans unveiled for £500 million west London development: ...will be one of the largest brownfield regeneration sites in Central London.- The Architects' Journal (UK)

Pie-in-the-skyscrapers: A Death Ray tower? A hotel 120 stories up? Some of the more bizarre suggestions for Ground Zero By Blair Kamin- Chicago Tribune

High-risk towers are here to stay: September 11 has slowed but by no means halted the rise and rise of skyscrapers, writes Elizabeth Farrelly. But there is hope, just a shred, for the extinction of that global marketing scourge, the architectural icon.- Sydney Morning Herald

Solar Housing Development And Direction- Accra Mail/All Africa Global Media

Editorial: Joke is over / Try again on U.S. Courthouse plaza: It's now clear that critics were right when they warned that the design would fail -- if not artistically, then horticulturally.- Minneapolis Star Tribune

Op-Ed: The New Century’s Boom in Planning School Enrollments: Enrollments are up at the nation's top planning schools, but will the trend continue? By Dowell Myers- PLANetizen

Expect the unexpected: Baltic is as much a place to make art as a place to see it. Its director even describes it as a factory. By Jonathan Glancey - Ellis Williams [image]- The Guardian (UK)

Three to receive '02 Kyoto Prizes - Tadao Ando- San Diego Union-Tribune

University wins top Vic architecture medal - Lyons Architects- Infolink (Australia)

Hometown fame eludes him: ...while William Morgan is the most famous and admired architect Jacksonville has ever produced, the people of Jacksonville don't seem to know it.- Florida Times-Union

Exhibition Review: The picturing of modern architecture "Julius Shulman "California Modernism -- Photographs of Domestic Architecture 1923-1960"- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Ideas await teens in hip Design Camp- Minneapolis Star Tribune


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