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Today’s News - Thursday, April 25, 2002

Health care providers, today more than ever, face the same challenges as every other service-based industry (such as retail - and architecture, for that matter): how to compete for consumers' attention, loyalty, and ultimately, dollars. These days the patient/client (and family members) are demanding more than just the best medical attention. They want it in an environment that is convenient, comfortable, and inspires confidence. Our newest feature article on the home page (and leading today's newsletter) examines strategies and projects RTKL has tackled that address the now-demanding consumer. In other this a case of "too many cooks..." Tomorrow morning, the Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York (and a stellar group of panelists) will present a draft of its vision at the Regional Plan Association's Assembly. Meanwhile, the Civic Alliance and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (which has finally approved a "cooperation agreement" with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) are planning a major forum sometime in July. Could there really be a consensus by December? (See RPA and New York Times stories below). And, in case you're not "Pritzker-ed"-out, there are three new takes on prizewinner Glenn Murcutt (the ANN Pritzker/Murcutt feature is still on our home page - with lots of images).


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