Today’s News - Tuesday, February 9, 2021

●  Betsky offers lessons from January 6 at the U.S. Capitol: "What was supposed to be the embodiment of our civic culture was not so much attacked by Trump's mob - as it was ignored. Classicism finds itself in a state of trivial misuse. Civic architecture should be an open and continually contested arena of daily life - we might find the source of a new kind of civic space."

●  Camille Squires parses a new report and toolkit from SPUR and Gehl re: how to design more equitable parks to make them "feel safe and accommodating for housed and unhoused residents alike."

●  In Australia, Mathew Abbott & Steven Chang mince no words about why "the Victorian 'Green New Deal' is really an exercise in greenwashing - the plan is market-driven and won't come close to achieving the kind of large-scale public transformation that we need to avert disaster."

●  On a brighter green note, Kenyan materials engineer Nzambi Matee has designed her own machines that recycle plastic waste into bricks stronger than concrete.

●  Nate Berg delves into Weyerhaeuser, "the world's most beautiful corporate campus" about 25 miles south of Seattle, probably hosting "1.5 million square feet of warehouses, serviced by upwards of 800 trucks a day" - despite "opposition from some of the biggest names in landscape architecture" (the first "has received environmental and land use approvals").

●  Brussat makes a plea to save Chapelle Saint-Joseph (1880-1886) in Lille, France, from demolition - "to be smothered by an architectural elephantiasis - a mammoth and culturally insensitive university complex."

●  Jaliya Fonseka makes an eloquent case to make "injustices inherent in architectural education and practice visible" by listening to the "voices of the unheard. If we - as architects, educators, and students - are not invested in fostering an education that puts diversity, equity and inclusion at its core, how can we possibly design spaces that do the same?"

●  Amrita Raja's great Q&A with (a very frank) Lesley Lokko re: "race, academia, and starting an architecture school in Accra, Ghana": "After the last year, everybody is paying lip service to diversity and inclusion. When it comes down to changing curricula and changing canon, it's amazing how quickly people fall off the wagon."

●  Bozikovic talks to Gehry re: "the biggest and the tallest buildings of his career" - taking shape on Toronto's King Street West. Is he happy with the results? Mostly - it looks as though he will pull it off."

●  Eva Hagberg parses Hudson Yards in impassioned, personal terms: It "was revealing me to myself - my realization that architecture can be a mirror, that you can see emotion in it, can weave a personal narrative out of built structure. It's too intense. It's almost nothing. It's too much. It's barely visible. It's unmanageable. It's everything I've ever wanted."

●  Only 7 days left to put in your bid(s) in Modernism Week's online auction that "features rare architectural experiences and items not typically available to the public" - to benefit the non-profit (very cool stuff!).


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