Today’s News - Wednesday, December 9, 2020

●  Biron parses a survey of U.S. mayors who are "'bleak' about recovery from pandemic's effects - worried that public transit and neighborhoods will not recover for years to come," though "findings also suggest changes that may become permanent, such as street design, planning and land use."

●  Arieff parses what Big Techs' empty campuses say about the post-Covid world - and "what about the workers who cleaned the offices, prepared the meals and drove the shuttles? They are made even more vulnerable."

●  Amy Crawford delves into the dilemma of there being "no room for teens in the pandemic city: Talk of child-friendly cities is on the rise, but it tends to focus on families with younger children. Designers have long attempted to limit teenagers' use of public space. What would a park for adolescents look like?"

●  Amir Kripper is concerned about the discipline of adaptive reuse - "spectacle architecture may have something to do with it - the Rem-ification of adaptive reuse deserves closer inspection."

●  Belmont Freeman: "Even before the global health crisis, Cuba was in trouble -.crises expose the underlying flaws of a society, and the coronavirus has proved that rule to a scorching degree," exposing "the underlying dysfunctions of the communist economy" ("then there's the Trump factor").

●  Kamin x 2: He offers his top 10 picks of the best Chicago architecture of 2020 that "raised our sights and spirits."

●  He explains that, "even as the pandemic has emptied everything - building has gone on in Chicago, reminding us that downtown has a future, even if we don't know precisely what that future will be - a whole lot of improvising is going on, some of it innovative enough to merit a lasting presence."

●  One we couldn't resist: Feargus O'Sullivan reports that Amsterdam is cracking down on "garish" Christmas lights and holiday displays, "spurred by a recent lighting-display arms race" ("the ultimate expression of municipal Grinchery" perhaps?).

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: Dave Hora's Nature of Order #2: The First Eight of Christopher Alexander's 15 Fundamental Properties of Wholeness: These are properties that describe how centers work together to produce life in a given scope of the structural fabric we inhabit, the wholeness.

Winners all + 1 Deadline reminder:

●  Call for entries (deadline looms!): 2021 P/A Awards: The 68th annual edition of the program for innovative unbuilt work.

●  NYC-based architect and activist Pascale Sablan wins the AIA 2021 Whitney M. Young Jr. Award "for her work in promoting women and designers of color in architecture" with initiatives such as the "Say it Loud" exhibitions - and is now the president-elect of NOMA.

●  Chandran reports that the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat Pakistan project is a gold prize winner of UN-Habitat's World Habitat Awards "for shielding villages from natural disasters" by "combining satellite images and mapping tools with local knowledge and community participation - AKAH projects in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Syria and India are also using this approach in nearly 2,500 villages covering 3 million people."

●  The Architect's Newspaper announces 47 winners of the 2020 AN Best of Design Awards - "the quality of the submissions has rarely been stronger or more timely" (scroll down for links to Parts 1 & 2)

●  Dezeen Awards 2020 feature 45 winners.


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