Today’s News - Tuesday, October 6, 2020

●  Giovannini re: LACMA: "Intending to save the museum, Michael Govan is destroying it" - Zumthor's "derivative, retro design hardly achieved the messianic vision Govan had promised. The LACMA encyclopedia becomes a CliffsNotes jog-trot."

●  LA Times former arts editor Tom Christie, on the other hand, ponders whether "LACMA's redesign deserves this much carping - why do their plans have so many Angelenos' cultural knickers in such a twist? .My bet is that the result will be as promised: sublime."

●  Dana Goodyear offers a fascinating - and at times, unsettling - profile of Zumthor, including his take on the LACMA saga: "We do what we want, and we are on budget!" Govan said. "Well, I didn't want to be on budget," Zumthor said. "I said, 'I don't give a f*ck if we're on budget'" (the Therme Vals makes him "puke").

●  Betsky, on a brighter note, cheers the AIA giving its Twenty-Five Year Award to Eric Owen Moss's "masterpiece" Conjunctive Points (a.k.a. Hayden Tract) that transformed a collection of warehouses into a creative hub in Culver City, California: "It is difficult not to be delighted by the architecture (although I know some people find the forms irritating). Nothing appears to be stable or finished, and that is the point."

●  Wainwright cheers "Britain's biggest zero-carbon housing project" in York by Mikhail Riches (of Stirling Prize-winning Goldsmith Street fame) - "arguably the UK's most ambitious council-led housing program in a generation. When will the rest of the UK catch up?"

●  Diana Budds' Q&A with Miriam Peterson & Nathan Rich, who explain their plan, developed with the RPA over the past year, "that calls for adaptive reuse and infill on NYC Housing Authority campuses," with the aim to restore "public housing to a dignified place to live."

●  It's an NYC kind of day: Laurel Graeber walks us through OLIN's new Pier 26 in TriBeCa: "This environmentally themed project features an unusual design, including soaring walkways that lead to an unexpected destination" via "a sequence of small ecological habitats" (very cool!).

●  Thomas Hynes argues that it's time to revisit Jeff Speck's 2013 proposal to "make Broadway the great green way - a 45-block pastoral thoroughfare - it would be a stunning second act for one of the world's most famous streets and a breath of fresh air for our weary city."

●  Co-author of the "Retrofitting Suburbia" series June Williamson busts "5 myths about the suburbs" - it's time "to dispel some long-held misconceptions. Myth No. 1: Suburbs are less dense than cities."

●  Pedersen's Q&A with Caleb Negash & Andrew Mbuthia Ngure, members of the African American Student Union and AfricaGSD, re: "the African American experience at the Harvard GSD," how the groups' public statement "Notes on Credibility" that calls for reforms at the school came about, and more.

●  Saturday was Venice's first acqua alta (high tide) of the season and the "long-awaited flood barrier MOSE, "beset by delays and corruption" for years, worked! Then, 24 hours later, "the city's iconic piazza was calf-deep in water - an air of resignation hung over the shops and cafes that had had to close - again."

●  Sunand Prasad, "recognized as a prominent voice on sustainability across the built environment," is named Chair of the UK Green Building Council.

●  Call for entries (deadline looms!): 2021 Berkeley Prize Essay Competition - open to full-time undergraduate students enrolled in an architecture degree program or majoring in architecture throughout the world (cash prizes).

Winners all:

●  2020 Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards: Meet the people using design to change the world (great presentation).

●  Yesterday, the 2020 Pritzker Prize ceremony celebrating laureates Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, was not celebrated in person for the first time - now everyone can celebrate via a special online video (scroll down to "Ceremony Videos").

●  Winners of the Young Talent Architecture Award 2020 and the YTAA Asia Edition, sponsored by Fundació Mies van der Rohe & Creative Europe, hail from Spain, Belgium, UK, Chile, Korea, China, and India.


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