Today’s News - Tuesday, September 15, 2020

●  Moore pays tribute to Terence Conran, 88, the designer and entrepreneur who "helped transform the drab, post-war culture - with the help of enlightened modern design." The founder of London's Design Museum "also supported younger designers" (he gave Heatherwick his first break).

●  McFadden traces the amazing history of Conran, the "entrepreneur of mercurial moods and missionary zeal" - the "London designer and retailing magnate eased the gloom of postwar British austerity with stylish home furnishings affordable on a teacher's salary."

●  Russell talks to a great mix of architects and landscape architects re: "building public places for a Covid world": They're "focusing on modest, tactical solutions - dreaming outside the 6-foot bubble - trying to invent new kinds of architecture that work around a broken policing and justice system."

●  Kamin x 2: "Six months into the pandemic, downtown Chicago is a humbled giant - the stakes are enormous - historians emphasize that such reversals have been predicted before, only to see downtown Chicago reinvent itself leading to spectacular bursts of growth" (some "developers are taking a bullish view").

●  He responds to responses that filled his inbox, claiming "the story spent too much time on the pandemic and too little on the looting. The pandemic, not the looting, is the fundamental cause of downtown's woes - but don't count it out. Resilient cities can take a hit and still thrive."

●  Lange looks into how we might "make the most of Covid winter - it's still possible to plan for pandemic-safe outdoor fun. Edmonton, Canada's WinterCity website includes actionable toolkits at multiple scales."

●  GBBN's Anne Chen: "Architects are past due on creating work that speaks to inclusive values rather than reinforcing prejudicial systems that center on a white, patriarchal, privileged ideology - out-of-the-box thinking can help disrupt a system that continues to celebrate sameness. So how do we disrupt convention?"

●  Brussat takes issue with Chen's take: "Disrupt architecture now! Huh? I thought that's what architects have been doing for the last century - 'white, patriarchal, privileged' architecture could as easily mean modernism. What better than modernism perpetuates a homogeneity of style that values visual sameness over the richness of diversity?" (Chen responds!)

●  Metropolis's great presentation of its Game Changers 2020 - the "fresh thinkers and innovative solutions for urgent issues ranging from climate change to the housing crisis."

Winners all:

●  Nate Berg parses Project Room's winning design in the competition to reimagine L.A.'s streetlights - "'Superbloom' can morph into thousands of different heights and configurations" and "be augmented with benches, electric vehicle charging stations, umbrellas, and solar panels - future-looking without imposing some aggressive idea of what that future should be."

●  Eric Owen Moss Architects' Conjunctive Points - The New City in Culver City, California, takes home the AIA's 2020 Twenty-Five Year Award - it "transformed a blighted, formerly industrial stretch into a sprawling office campus that still attracts big-name tenants and now holds 15,000 workers," reversing "decades of blight in the surrounding areas."

●  AIA 2020 Housing Awards recognize "7 exceptional residential designs," from single- and multifamily to specialized housing projects (link to great presentations!).

●  The Chicago Athenaeum & the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies announce winners of the 2020 International Architecture Awards: 125+ projects from 41 nations - now on view in "The City and the World" at Contemporary Space Athens, Greece, thru October 11.

●  "Open Source Communities" water-harvesting project by Kenya-based BellTower wins the 2020 Lexus Design Award - it "captured the jury's hearts for being innovative, well-structured, extremely detailed, and having a widespread impact" + 5 (very cool!) finalists.

●  Dezeen Awards 2020 names finalists for Architect of the Year; Interior Design Studio of the Year; Design Studio of the Year + the emerging talents in each category.

●  Eyefuls of the Dezeen Awards 2020 architecture shortlist that includes 64 projects in 12 categories (vote for your favorite!).

●  Great presentation of the ASLA 2020 Professional & Student Award winners.

●  Jared Green parses Pilot Projects Design Collective's "Brooklyn Bridge Forest," winner of the Van Alen Institute's Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge Competition that proposes a "new model for sourcing sustainable hardwoods." The Young Adult category winner, "Do Look Down" glass promenade, "offers 'thrills galore' looking down."

●  Wainwright cheers Ken Garland, "the moral conscience of graphic design for decades" (of peace symbol fame), winning the lifetime achievement medal from the London Design Festival for his "ruthlessly brilliant designs. He talks about why so much modern design is 'utterly mindless.'"

●  Great presentation of winners of the HERE+NOW: A House for the 21st Century International Student Design Competition, sponsored by the ACSA and AIA CRAN.

●  Madlener cheers the winners of the Material Lab Prize, honoring Pratt students who "convert everyday waste into viable products and materials - the design community can learn much from their inventiveness."


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