Today’s News - Wednesday, June 17, 2020

●  Hopkirk takes us on a tour of Heatherwick's (mostly timber) Leeds Maggie's Centre with a design "conceived as three giant planters - the project expanded on the studio's long-standing interest in the role of biophilia in the built environment" (and nary a whiff of clinical institution).

●  The S/L/A/M Collaborative acquires CBRE Heery Architectural Design Practices that focus on healthcare, sports facilities and justice, and will be known as Heery Design, a SLAM Studio.

●  Call for entries: Applications for the 2nd Lilly Reich Grant for equality in architecture; open to senior high school students' research projects.

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: Christopher Alexander: Lesson Plan #9: Ideas on Architectural Education: Schools of architecture have not found ways of teaching the art of building that is effective. We want, collectively, to make architectural teaching better, and through that, to make architecture better.

Of protests, racism, and urban issues - the industry responds:

●  NOMA and the AIA Large Firm Roundtable strengthen ties to combat racism in architecture: "We want to be clear that this is not hollow language or lip service ... In Solidarity, Kimberly Dowdell, NOMA President & Carole Wedge, AIA LFRT Chair."

●  The community development non-profit Designing Justice + Designing Spaces on "unbuilding racism - thanks to COVID-19 and #BlackLivesMatter, public safety is not the police; public safety is healthcare, jobs, education, housing, and social cohesion within all our communities."

●  SO - IL's Idenburg takes issue with museums' "botched" strategy of boarding up their lobbies "while many New York theaters responded to calls to #openyourlobbies by offering essential support for demonstrators during Black Lives Matter protests."

●  U+I as Creative Director Martyn Evans: "Our response to Black Lives Matter must go deeper than social media - our industry has not been as progressive on diversity issues as it could have been. We are already putting in place a series of actions to address issues of diversity both in our own workforce and in the places we build."

●  Michelle Ogundehin on diversity and "her personal experiences with racism, views on positive discrimination and ways in which individuals can make a difference": "We need to provoke discussion, not anger. Let's help each other make a difference in whatever way we can."

COVID-19 news continues:

●  The Van Alen Institute and nonprofit Urban Design Forum launch Neighborhoods Now, an initiative "that will pair more than 20 design firms with community partner organizations in four NYC neighborhoods that were - and continue to be - adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic."

●  Dickinson describes his "twinge of validation" when Connecticut governor included construction as "essential. Forget about aesthetics. Architects connect the dots of code, technology, human performance and job safety - at least the good ones do" (and he sees "some green shoots of new work").

●  Natashah Hitti reports on Dubai-based studio Roar's white paper, written with designers, teachers, a doctor, a psychologist and academic researchers, that presents "seven different industry perspectives on how the coronavirus pandemic will change the way education spaces are adapted and designed in the future."

●  Toronto-based Gow Hastings Architects offers "key design solutions" for both retrofits and new builds, to help colleges and universities in their reopening.


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