Today’s News - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

●  Eyefuls of Rizvi Hassan's Bangladesh community center for a minority group of Myanmar's refugees "to foster integration with locals - using locally available materials to create an inclusive space and foster greater tolerance - it also makes foreign aid a thoughtful investment, instead of mere charity."

●  Leigh Brown's fab profile of Deanna Van Buren, co-founder of the nonprofit firm Designing Justice/Designing Spaces, who "designs civic spaces that are healing alternatives to correctional facilities."

●  Johnston parses Liaros & de Silva's "new paradigm of land development" with a "circular economy village" model of "a network of villages" of 150-200 people "that will share resources - it might sound quaint, even dull - but networks of zero waste, small regenerative settlements don't mean a pre-industrial lifestyles."

●  Reiner-Roth x 2: Michael Maltzan Architecture's The Alvidrez, a 14-story mass timber affordable housing tower for L.A.'s Skid Row is currently in the design phase.

●  He brings us eyefuls of Behnisch Architekten's "serene home for renewable energy research" in Germany - "a seemingly delicate timber and concrete structure wrapped in translucent polycarbonate strips" where "copious amounts of natural light pour through the gossamer walls and saw-toothed ceiling."

●  Ravenscroft riffs on OMA's new, 10-story Galleria department store in South Korea "clad in tessellated triangles of stone" that make it "appear like a slab of rock" sporting "a multifaceted-glass public walkway wrapped around the building, projecting from the façade" (we needed a touch of the odd today).

COVID-19 news continues (with some bright spots, for a change):

●  Ravenscroft reports on Ratti and Rota's CURA, shipping-container ICU for coronavirus treatment: "The first prototype unit is being built at a hospital in Milan - units could be quickly deployed to hospitals around the world."

●  Saffron: "The new stay-at-home order makes it clear we are going to have to recalibrate our relationship with our beloved public spaces if we are going to survive this plague. So how can we use them responsibly?"

●  Keats on how "outdoor art is an essential antidote to coronavirus isolation. One legacy of the pandemic should be to commission more artwork that can be collectively experienced outdoors" (6 feet apart, for the time being).

●  Wainwright rounds up "10 Covid-busting designs," the results of "a wave of ingenuity unleashed" by "both garden-shed tinkerers and high-tech manufacturers" - though "many of their innovations raise as many questions as they answer."

●  Kimmelman's intro to NYT photographers' images that capture great - now-empty - public spaces around the world that "are haunted and haunting - but in some ways they are hopeful," reminding us "that beauty requires human interaction. True beauty comes when the builders roam the built."

●  From the U.K.: The Architects' Journal's "updates on how COVID-19 is impacting the UK architecture profession."

●  BD's coronavirus updates: "Architect warns: 'It's now a battle for survival for a lot of firms'" (and a nightly "solidarity light show" on Renzo Piano's Genoa bridge!).

●  One we couldn't resist: Creative director Jure Tovrljan's take on famous logos "reimagined for the coronavirus age - some brands have made their own changes to better express this current moment of social distancing while still maintaining the sense of familiarity we all crave."


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