Today’s News - Wednesday, February 5, 2020

●  Leigh weighs in on "why America needs classical architecture" - the GSA's "Design Excellence program's results have been anything but excellent - architects like Mayne and Phifer have no business designing federal buildings. Uncle Sam needs to put classicists to work."

●  Taliesin Opinion #4: former Visiting Teaching Fellows García & Frankowski ponder: "Why, at the moment when the school seemed so vivid, the student work so exciting, and the educational programs so transcendental are we facing this fate?" - and offer five points about what will be lost. #5: "Closing the school is an attack on architectural education."

●  Taliesin Opinion #5: Students react to the School of Architecture at Taliesin's closing: "To discontinue 88 years of an alternative pedagogical model is at least as destructive as the demolition of a physical architectural masterwork. Beyond losing our school we are losing our home" (click "Yesterday's News" for Taliesin Opinion #1-3).

●  The 2020 U.S. Transportation Climate Impact Index ranks "the top 100 metro regions around key transportation metrics and for their contribution to greenhouse gases - high-level information for cities aiming to explore policy directions to reduce greenhouse gases."

●  Sisson sizes up "how Paris became a cycling success story. The City of Light became the City of Bike, and U.S. cities should take notice. Think big, and don't be afraid to talk about climate change and transportation" (bike use in Paris rose 54% in just one year!).

●  Davidson ranks "a baker's dozen" of the "schemes, renderings, misfires, and good intentions" to fix Penn Station over the last 4 decades, listed "from worst to better. 'Best' is still out of reach" (one is "a masterpiece of urbanism by rubber band and wishful thinking").

●  Walsh offers 10 examples of how architects have used energy infrastructure "as an artistic platform - a new approach to harvesting energy" that is "lighting up architectural imaginations" (turning NIMBYs into YIMBYs).

●  Cole prowls "the dark, dripping sewers of Brussels" ("the capital of passive house architecture") to find out why "the city's energy experts' minds are in the gutter - harnessing the heat of a sewer system" that "could supply up to 35% of the city with completely renewable heat. Other cities have their own pilot schemes."

●  Gonchar cheers Gorlin's transformation of Saarinen's Bell Labs in a New Jersey suburb into the 2 million-square-foot Bell Works, "a 'metroburb' containing all the elements of a thriving downtown" that "offers an intriguing model for repurposing America's many vacant office parks - some of which have thrilling architecture."

●  Anderton talks to those involved in setting up house for NeueHouse, a shared working space and social club in L.A.'s "storied" Bradbury Building - "a popular filming location for half a century, and a must-see stop for tourists and architecture buffs" noted for its "explosion of balconies and stairs and Victorian elevators."

●  A video profile of Robert P Madison, "founder of first black-owned architecture firm in Ohio - and only the 10th registered African-American architect in the nation who reimagined the entire skyline of Cleveland. Despite retiring in 2016, he's still active at 96 years young."

●  Ponsford profiles Mphethi Morojele of Johannesburg-based MMA Design Studio, whose Freedom Park in Pretoria, South Africa, "made him arguably the most influential architect and design thinker of the country's democratic decades" by "combining neuroscience with animism, and layering landmarks and urban infrastructure with emotional nuances."

●  Hill parses Beatrice Galilee's inaugural The World Around summit: It was an impressive line-up of speakers, but "the curatorial format needs to embrace interaction - the audience is passive - just watching - turn the annual summits into events for engagement, not just inspiration "


●  Request for Qualifications/RFQ: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia 2-Stage International Design Competition.

●  Request for Qualification/RFQ: Parliamentary Precinct Block 2 Architectural Design Competition to redevelop a city block immediately south of Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa.

Winners all:

●  The Architectural League of New York announces winners of the 2020 Emerging Voices Awards - 8 emerging practices "with distinct design voices and the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape design, and urbanism" (great presentation).

●  Winners of the Iceland Volcano Museum competition for "a landing point for visitors to the Hverfjall Volcano" hail from New Zealand, Denmark, and Poland.

●  Winners of the Laka Competition 2020: "Architecture that Reacts" hail from the U.S., Italy, U.S./China, and the U.K. (great presentation).

●  Keskeys parses the winners of the One Rendering Challenge 2020, whose "winning renderings tell architectural stories in highly intriguing and unexpected ways."


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