Today’s News - Tuesday, January 14, 2020

●  Brussat pays tribute to Roger Scruton, former chair of the U.K.'s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission: "His ideas will improve and beautify the world for everyone, whether they like it or not." [Scruton co-authored ANN's Lesson Plan #3: Beauty and Sustainability in Architectural Education:]

●  Dalrymple's tribute to Scruton, who "showed great moral courage throughout his career, swimming against the intellectual tide of his time."

●  Kimmelman parses revised plans for Hudson Yards phase two that no longer includes a promised park - instead, there's a 700-foot-long, 2-story-high "structure overshadowing the High Line" (yikes - hopefully, City will intervene).

●  Kamin explains why a "LaSalle Street 'High Line' is not the way to confront the central Loop's looming vacancies" - it would "be more wanna-be cool than the real thing."

●  de Monchaux puts forth "a new idea in architecture - no new buildings. We are accustomed to thinking of the natural environment as a critical resource. Maybe we can accustom ourselves to thinking of the unnatural environment in the same way."

●  Sisson considers sustainable supertalls - if there is such a thing - "part of being more sustainable is changing not just what we know about these buildings, but the way the industry and culture evaluate, and elevate, skyscrapers."

●  Walsh rounds up 9 case studies that illustrate "how cities are using architecture to combat flooding."

●  Two luxury lakeside residential towers in Kerala, India, are demolished for environmental violations. Residents (about 2,000!) "watched as their homes and investments imploded in seconds."

●  Buenos Aires' "bold slum renewal" program moves along "amid hopes and concerns" - urban experts say "authorities prioritized fast development instead of reaching a consensus about development plans" (and "lacks an overall vision").

●  Smith minces no words about what she thinks of Toyota's "creepy new 'prototype town'" by BIG - "a real-life Westworld" near Mt. Fuji. "The creepy feeling comes from a sense of the development acting like Big Brother."

●  ODA wins the international competition to design the master plan to regenerate post-industrial sites just outside of Moscow.

●  Henning Larsen plans Copenhagen's first all-timber neighborhood (on a former dump) for 7,000 residents, with "birdhouses and animal habitats integrated within the building façades."

●  Cole considers Case Study Houses and says "this might be a good time to look back at housing that was affordable, easily built, family-friendly and beautifully designed."

●  Barcelona's female mayor with a feminist agenda gives us an idea of what cities imagined by women would look like.

●  Landscape architect Dorothée Imbert tapped to lead Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University.

●  Six winners of 2020 Richard Rogers Fellowship at Wimbledon House "will pursue research on a variety of issues" (hearty congrats to Henry Grabar!).

●  Teams from The Netherlands, Spain, and Egypt lead the shortlist in Archstorming's competition to design a pre-school school for disabled children in Mozambique.

●  ICYMI: ANN Feature: David Brussat: Lesson Plan #8: Petition of the British Architecture School Inmates: Students are taught how to tinker with computers and plug into a corporate design culture that aids and abets precisely what drives the petitioners to seek reform.


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