Today’s News - Tuesday, December 17, 2019

●  ANN feature: Janet Adams Strong reflects on Jean Holabird's "Paper City," the artist's 3D watercolors of NYC buildings that go on view today in a display window of Ralph Walker's 1930 Western Union Building (in NYC).

●  Eyefuls of French/Australian team Moreau Kusunoki and Gento's competition-winning design for Powerhouse Parramatta that marks "the largest investment in arts and culture in NSW since the Sydney Opera House - the generosity of space, transparency and lightness of the structure will create a 'sense of joy.'"

●  The jury may have cheered the winning Powerhouse design, but some officials call it "a monstrosity on stilts - costly as well as ugly," along with heritage concerns and questioning "the rising price tag for the $1.6 billion museum relocation."

●  Aliento, on a brighter note from Down Under, reports that 1,500 engineers and 137 engineering companies and others have signed Australian Engineers Declare, "a commitment to speed up our transition to a low carbon world," even though "it could also mean losing clients - signatories see both a market opportunity and a market imperative."

●  Frearson, on a darker note, talks to Snøhetta's Thorsen, who warns that architects must plan for "Armageddon situations. We need to plan for a default situation. It might be adaptive design for a failed future."

●  Walker looks back at "how our cities failed us this decade. The 2010s might have crushed our collective urban spirits - but all is not lost" if cities learn from these missteps.

●  CTBUH Year in Review - "remarkable for the tall building industry, as it saw 26 super-tall buildings completed, the most in any year" + Project Trends and Predictions for 2020.

●  Forbes puts out its Year In Review and a Preview of 2020: "The urbanization of the 'burbs; Architects Declare; Adaptive re-use revolution; Legacies of iconic architects live on;" etc.

●  Sisson parses "6 clever urban design ideas that all cities should steal - unlike megaprojects, smaller, more under-the-radar works of 2019 achieved impressive results through smart, surgical changes."

●  Wainwright checks in on what's going on with Notre Dame: The "fire prompted an orgy of wallet-waving - and architects rushed out unexpected plans to rebuild the spire. But setbacks and disagreements have left its outcome in doubt."

●  Lamster cheers Adjaye's Ruby City in San Antonio, "a rugged architectural jewel - it has the mysterious look of an ancient war machine, abandoned by the archaic people who built it" (with "a bravura architectural moment - tempting gravity").

●  Villa-Clarke parses Hong Kong's $2.6 billion K11 Musea retail development, "hailed as an architectural feat," designed by a who's who, that includes a rooftop urban farm and playgrounds. "Shopping just got inspiring."

●  Andrews, Budds, Sisson & Walker profile five practitioners who are "putting the public back in public space."

●  Gamolina's great Q&A with Alicia Glen, former NYC deputy mayor, re: "loving and supporting urbanism in its many facets, advising those just starting their careers to work for the smartest people in the spaces and places where one can make a difference."

●  Blair reports that, "after years of antipathy," the construction industry "puts out the welcome mat for LGBTQ workers" with firms "taking action to stamp out workplace discrimination and prevent the loss of valuable talent" with the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge (already 800+ signatories).

●  Stouhi offers "an architectural guide on Bauhaus-inspired projects around the world" (for die-hard fans or just the curious, there's a link to collaborator Google Arts & Culture with miles more!).

Winners all:

●  Abrahams, Barrenech, Kristal & Gura profile the 2019 Interior Design Hall of Fame inductees (Firm of Year LTL's "relentlessly brainy trio").

●  2020 CTBUH Award of Excellence Winners in 21 categories - Best in Category winners will be announced in April.

ICYMI - ANN features:

●  Dalrymple's Lesson Plan #7: An Implicit Rather than Explicit Model for Teaching Architecture.

●  Locktov describes the flood damage wrought on the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, including Scarpa and Botta interventions, and calls for support of fundraising for the restoration of one of Venice's architectural and cultural treasures.

●  ANN feature: Norman Weinstein: Top Architecture and Design Books of 2019: 10 books offering historic sweeps, global visions, and heroic quests.


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