Today’s News - Wednesday, December 11, 2019

●  Kamin brings us the sad news that we've lost Franz Schulze, "art critic and educator who chronicled the lives and work of two of the 20th Century's most consequential architects, Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson."

●  Wainwright parses NYC's plans to build four high-rise jails that "have generated backlash - but have also prompted a debate over what modern prisons should look like" (images, so far: a "dystopian vision").

●  On a brighter note, NYC "passes the country's most wide-ranging bird-friendly building legislation" (we're chirping with happiness!).

●  A Nature magazine editorial re: the "Nature Sustainability" report, compiled by an international group of architects, designers, engineers, and behavioral scientists, that "amounts to an agenda for joint research - collaborating effectively can be tough. But considering the planetary situation, not doing so has much higher costs."

●  Gray looks at "a great carbon reckoning" in architecture: "Practitioners have finally begun taking a more nuanced approach to the carbon emitted by new buildings. Are they too late?" ("carbon shaming" and new carbon accounting tools included).

●  Kellert looks at "what is and is not biophilic design," and the "distinctive characteristics that yield a set of five conditions for the effective practice of biophilic design."

●  The Toronto-based architecture studio Partisans has big plans to turn "a primarily agrarian and residential town" in Canadian into "'city of the future' with a host of new technologies, while also maintaining the existing agriculture and lush setting."

●  The Charleston City Paper (South Carolina) "asked several local practitioners for an introspective review of our architectural history and where it is today. What follows are thoughtful assessments from people who care deeply about" the city.

●  Chandler talks to Kuma re: what "the most important attribute for architects in the modern age" is: humility + Fjord Trends 2020 report "reflects the wisdom of 1,300 designers in 33 studios who have distilled their insights into seven key trends."

●  Gupta talks to the three women founders of the Indigenous Scholars of Architecture, Planning, and Design organization at Yale, and their recent exhibition "Making Space for Resistance" that stood "as a testament to histories of Native activism."

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: Norman Weinstein: Top Architecture and Design Books of 2019: 10 books offering historic sweeps, global visions, and heroic quests.

Winners all (two programs - miles of winners!):

●  The 2019 AN Best of Design Awards "winners were chosen for their contextual, tactical approaches rather than big, bombastic ideas" (Building of the Year: TWA Hotel).

●  Among the World Architecture Festival 2019 Overall Winners is the World Building of the Year - a public library in the Netherlands.


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