Today’s News - Wednesday, December 4, 2019

●  Russia and Syria have signed an agreement to restore the ancient city of Palmyra, spearheaded by the Hermitage working with the National Museum of Oman ("two Russian tour agencies are advertising trips to Syria, including Palmyra").

●  Colloqate Design's Bryan Lee delves into the Design Justice movement and "how architecture is challenging privilege and power" by designing "spaces for racial, social and cultural equity."

●  Crestani considers the important role of architects in building Australia's urban infrastructure because they are "deep thinkers, problem solvers and human-centric in their approach - our training in reflective, creative thinking draws us toward finding novel solutions."

●  Poggioli posits that rising sea levels in Venice "are not the only threat - it risks becoming an empty shell sinking under mass tourism" (it's also "the ideal laboratory in which to study climate change").

●  Palus ponders Venice's flooding that "has become another tourist attraction. As Marco Panzetti's photographs show, it's hauntingly beautiful. But for the dwindling number of locals, it's a catastrophe" (hauntingly fab photos!).

●  King x 2 public parks: He considers the Presidio at 25 and how the former military post has "slowly become a park for the people - there's much more to do. One reason the leftovers get overlooked is that the success stories are so visible."

●  He cheers the subtle changes made to Telegraph Hill/North Beach's Washington Square Park, reopening today: Halprin "conceived a master plan that was followed by a design of restrained civic elegance. One of San Francisco's oldest parks has received the sensitive fine-tuning that it deserves."

●  Labong rounds up the "Bay Area's 10 most important buildings of the past decade - in the land of innovation and limited space, that transformation comes with no small amount of friction. Growing pains, citified - NIMBYs be damned."

●  Novakovich takes "an architectural ski tour" of Perriand's Les Arcs, 50 years on: She "brought her own social vision - determined to make it more affordable for the average French holidaymaker - many of the massive blocks manage to blend into their surroundings - which was the original intention."

●  Two Pauls (Andersen & Preissner) tapped to design the U.S. Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 with "American Framing" that "will put in place a new interpretation of the 1930's national pavilion" by Delano & Aldrich.

●  Dickinson considers closed churches and "the hard physical consequence on sacred spaces as they become economic drivers for new secular uses. But these necessary repurposings have an added undertone of irony, and, perhaps just a little sadness."

●  Jenkins, on a brighter note, points out that cathedrals service attendance is up 14%, and makes his pick of "England's top 10 cathedrals" - one, "a thumping Perpendicular palace"; in another, the "ancient crypt carvings are both terrifying and hilarious"; Westminster Abbey's "ambulatory is a fascinating junk shop of memorials of the great and no longer great."

●  In an extensive video interview, Pritzker winner Doshi talks about "how he became an award-winning architect, his traditional Hindu beliefs and culture, and India's juxtaposition of having nothing to keeping up with a world that is creating everything."

●  A (great) report on The Fifth Estate's recent Tomorrowland19 conference, themed "I, human," because, "as we race into AI and hyper surveillance - and as we face dealing with intense climate challenges, it's important to remember that our humanity needs to remain central to all we do."

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: INSIGHT: Conners Ladner: Designing Landscapes to Adapt to Hurricane Season: By focusing on cultivating native ecosystems, landscape architects can help to build landscapes that are both more resilient and more authentic to place.


●  Deadline extended: Call for papers: Patterns and Spatial Organization: Culture, History and Future Perspectives for the Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics.

●  Call for entries: Mega Dunes Ecolodges - Abu Dhabi International Architecture Competition: create sustainable designs for lodges that can be replicated throughout the protected areas for the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency.

Winners all:

●  AR New into Old Awards 2019 winners - "from innovative insertions to ambitious adaptations that offer buildings a new lease of life."

●  International Property Awards: World's Best Architecture, Development and Interior Design.

●  The German Design Awards 2020 for architecture, communication design, product design, and universal design + Jasper Morrison named 2020 personality of the year (link to full presentations).

●  Eyefuls of the WAF's Architecture Drawing Prize for hand-drawing, digital and hybrid.


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