Today’s News - Tuesday, September 10, 2019

●  Fairs has a fascinating conversation with Heatherwick, who "hits back at Vessel critics and defends Hudson Yards" (video of the conversation will be posted soon).

●  Reiner-Roth parses P+W's more accessible Destination Crenshaw in a historically black neighborhood in Los Angeles County "designed to combat ensuing gentrification by empowering the community" - though not all are convinced.

●  Kaysen reports that Phoenix is now offering free plans for 3-bedroom net-zero homes designed by Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects, initially not interested in the AIA Arizona competition. "We were shocked by the simplicity of what you could do to get a high-performance building," sayeth Imirzian.

●  Capps is quite taken by Holl's "Reach" at the Kennedy Center, "a beautiful maze" that "introduces several welcome amenities that the first building forgot. Things like windows. Scale. Rooms - painstakingly, exquisitely, exactingly designed for chance. The effort is epic" (tantalizingly touchable" concrete surfaces included).

●  Moore cheers London School of Economics' new Centre Building by RSH+P - "a manifestation of the avant garde becomes mainstream. It won't make the same impression on the history books as the Pompidou Centre, but it taps its ancient energy, as if of some past cosmic explosion, to positive and thoughtful effect."

●  Sayer on Kuma's Odunpazari Modern Museum in Eskisehir, Turkey: "You could say it mimics giant jenga set. Trained as an architect," the client's "aim is to exhibit his collection in his own city in a space that is as interesting architecturally as the art inside. So far, all is going to plan."

●  Marshall cheers London's Wellcome Collection "winning plaudits for its design and content" for "Being Human" that makes it possibly "the world's most accessible museum" for those with a wide range disabilities (alas, he did not credit Assemble for the exhibition design).

●  Betsky parses the recently closed "Hórama Rama," the winning project in the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program that "celebrated construction more than nature - the back-of-the-stage construction was considerably more powerful than the public space itself."

●  Sitz's Q&A with Madame Architect founder Julia Gamolina re: "the value of mentorship in work and life" gleaned from interviewing some 150 women in the profession.

●  Meet filmmaker and producer Dan Bell, "the man keeping America's dead malls alive" on YouTube - "he's been documenting these crumbling bastions of consumerism" since 2014.

●  One we couldn't resist: "8 of the ugliest, most hated buildings in the world."

ICYMI: ANN feature: Miguel Baltierra: Report from the 2019 North American Passive House Network Conference: Of particular value were presentations by Passive House practitioners, developers, and city agencies who have advanced PH implementation in their own practices and businesses - and in public policy.

Winners all:

●  Our heartiest congrats to the five winners of Arch Record's 2019 Women in Architecture Award!

●  Austrian-based Querkraft Architekten and Kieran Fraser Landscape Design win the competition for the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kiev, Ukraine, with "a design built on contrasts between dark and light, despair and hope."

●  Bernard parses the nine winners of the 2019 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards (great presentation!).

●  Frearson brings us eyefuls of Copenhagen's Chart 2019 architecture prize winner and runners-up who used IKEA mattresses, latex, salt, paper, and jute to build pop-up food and drink pavilions (very cool!).


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