Today’s News - Tuesday, July 9, 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're back! After a week away, there's lots of catching up to do...

●  Cobb considers (most thoughtfully) his years with I.M. Pei: "I rejoice, even at this moment of sadness, in a close fellowship that immeasurably enriched my life across seven decades. A few random thoughts come to mind as I remember my mentor, colleague, and friend."

●  Murray minces no words in explaining why she started The Festival of Place: "Design can't solve all our problems, so stop pretending it can. Your predisposition to impose design 'solutions' on anything you touch alienates when it should include" - perhaps, "by getting a jumble of smart people and professionals together, we can start to unpick these problems and find a way forward together."

●  Walker reports on Zumthor's first public comments to a Swiss newspaper about his revised design for LACMA: "He has personally managed to avoid reading much of the controversy around his own project - 'Michael Govan said it was unnecessary for me to read [it]. You make the design, and I'll do the rest, he said.'"

●  The New Statesman and Scruton agree "jointly to publish this statement" re: Eaton's controversial (and misleading) article in April. "We apologize for this, and regret any distress that this has caused" (with link to the interview transcript and the original article).

●  Joyner parses "burnout": "Working ridiculous hours should not be a badge of honor - doing amazing projects AND loving our workplace should be the goal" - two studios "are embracing alternative workplace practices, striving to maximize happiness amongst their teams."

●  Wainwright gives (mostly) thumbs-up to Chipperfield's gallery on Berlin's Museum Island: A "dazzling synthesis of the classical and modern - that appears monumental from some angles, dinky from others - it could do with a touch of Berlin's more bohemian, freewheeling spirit" ("it feels a bit chilly, parked on the water's edge like a super yacht").

●  Langer lauds C.F. Møller's Assembly Hall in Copenhagen: "Once used for assembling parts for cement factories," it "has undergone a gentle transformation" on "an old industrial site that is becoming a new urban neighborhood," with sections for housing, business, and public events (very cool).

●  The proposed $50 million Mississippi International Arts Pavilion by JBHM Architecture is a Neoclassical building conceived as "a stately, elegant outline that blends in well with Vicksburg's historic riverfront."

It's an FLW kind of day:

●  Reiner-Roth parses Ronan's FLW Trust Visitor and Education Center in Oak Park, Illinois: "At first glance, the renderings bear little resemblance to [FLW's] work. From a distance, the design bears a greater resemblance to the early work of Mies van der Rohe, an architect openly despised by Wright" - but, "upon closer inspection, the design appears to take subtle cues from Wright's oeuvre."

●  Leary, meanwhile, says: "Let's not lose sleep" over "the impending demolition" of FLW's Booth Cottage: "It's just another small, suburban house - and an uglier-than-average one at that. If we were looking for a modern analogue to the sack of Rome, we might turn to the systematic subversion of classical tradition in favor of gratuitous cultural revolution."

●  Kamin parses the 8 Wright buildings named to UNESCO's World Heritage List that will "likely to boost tourism at the Wright sites" and "be a boon to those seeking to save other works by the architect."

●  Luis cheers the Wright additions to the World Heritage List + Read UNESCO's decision & the technical evaluation by ICOMOS (could be helpful in efforts to save other FLW buildings).

●  And this, just because: Fonseca offers miles of vintage photos of FLW's Hollyhock House "to celebrate one of L.A.'s slices of architecture history."

Winners all!

●  Wilson analyzes the 54 winners of the RIBA Awards 2019, "picking out the trends" (a good year for housing, retrofits, and infrastructure), "the buildings that have missed the cut - and one he thinks shouldn't be there" - and which ones he thinks will make the Stirling Prize shortlist.

●  An interesting mix of firms makes up the 5 finalist teams competing to master-plan MK:U, "a proposed new model university in the Oxford to Cambridge innovation arc."

●  Eyefuls of the winners in the Pavilosta Poet Huts competition that called for proposals for a writers community in Latvia.

●  Cheers to the six women and three men from around the world named Harvard GSD Class of 2020 Loeb Fellows - these "midcareer innovators will spend the year engaging in research and discussion on topics such as art, architecture, and public policy."

●  And cheers to the Society of Architectural Historians 2019 Awards for Architectural Excellence recipients for their "outstanding achievements in architectural practice and academic study."


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