Today’s News - Wednesday, January 30, 2019

●  Kamin considers how "cold is the great equalizer - it's 23 below zero" outside his home office: "I wonder about the homeless people. Did they seek shelter or did they freeze to death? On a day like this, all the elements of style cease to matter. All that matters is function. And those of us who are inside are lucky" (Chicago's cold is heading our way - gulp!).

●  Allies and Morrison's Woodall offers 4 ways architects can reframe climate change as a "local problem of global proportion" when it's "easy to feel helpless against this scale" - this is how architects can "feel empowered to become part of collective action."

●  Gray talks to sustainability experts who weigh in on the pros and cons of "an array of ever-evolving 'green' certifications" - and "how does a firm decide which ones to pursue" (if any)?

●  Giacobbe explains why Peru "has the rest of the world taking note": "Despite its explosive development, careful design measures ensure it remains in 'the sustainability sweet spot' - taking careful measures to make sure it's done with integrity."

●  Karakusevic cheers London's "ambition for quality public housing design not seen since the 1970s - entering a confident new era" by "reinventing public housing and embracing new architectural approaches" that "provide valuable lessons for cities across the world."

●  Bull & Rothschild consider whether "NIMBYism and conservation culture is stifling our cities" by applying Glaesar's argument "for the traditional and emerging high-density vertical city" found in "The Triumph of the City" to the Australian context, "but will the idea of the ambitious developer as city hero catch on?"

●  Livesey cheers the "delightful geometries" of Calgary's new Central Library by Snøhetta and DIALOG that "required significant encapsulation and structural ingenuity" - resulting in a building that "is like a vessel floating over infrastructure."

●  Wainwright visits a tiny Swiss hamlet to explore the "geological marvel" that is Schmidlin and Voellmy's "magical" Muzeum Susch, an "art cave" with "grottos, stalactites and walls blasted from rock - like a Bond villain's secret lair" that "unfolds as a Tardis-like warren of rooms."

●  MacLeod cheers Ando's "unassuming" (until you step inside) Wrightwood 659 gallery in Chicago: "In true Ando fashion, the building's details are what make it a sublime architectural experience."

●  "Be more positive and less paranoid" about technology, says Patrik Schumacher - it "could be the future of customizing prefabricated modular housing if we are less wary of technology," and "would eventually make it cheaper."

●  Pune, India-based architect Sheth couldn't agree more, as parametric design is changing the "face of architecture in the modern world. Bio-mimicry or replicating nature's design in our lives would have been almost impossible if not for the emergence of parametric tools in computer-aided designs."

●  Schwab reports that London's Royal College of Art "is expanding its curriculum to include more science and technology," and "add nontraditional programs like Environmental Architecture that focuses on the city from a sustainability perspective" (in a new building designed by H&deM).

●  A sad day for architectural criticism: Mary Louise Schumacher "exits" the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after more than 18 years "her position has been eliminated" ("Another art critic out of a job," she tweeted).

●  Moore has a most interesting conversation with Liz Diller (of "park, shed, skyscraper, linear opera" fame): She "is calm, personable, assured and assuring, articulate and grey-suited, all of which will certainly be helpful in persuading people of power and wealth to back DS+R's bold ideas. She wants 'to expand the agency of architects to do more and more, not just be at the receiving end.'"

●  Morris shares his amazing, 39-year friendship with his mentor, "the late organic visionary American Architect Rebel Bruce Goff" (a fab read + "rare footage of Goff at his Shin'en Kan masterpiece, filmed in 1981"). - Makovsky, in honor of Knolls recent passing, reprises his 2017 column, "How to be Florence Knoll in 10 Easy Steps" (#4. Rethink every detail).

●  One we couldn't resist: Schwab introduces us to a new series of incense sticks that "aim to give your decidedly not-famous home the essence" of famous architects, like Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles & Ray Eames, and Carlo Scarpa (we'll take a pass on this - or maybe not).

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: rise in the city 2018 Update: Student designs for affordable housing in Maseru, Lesotho, Southern Africa, are in and - hot-off-the-press - winning designs will be prototyped! (A few prized blocks needing sponsors remain.)


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