Today’s News - Tuesday, December 18, 2018

●  Moore pays tribute to the "strong, distinctive and argumentative minds" we lost in 2018: "If these individuals had never lived, the built environment would be considerably less rambunctious, refined, historical, forward-looking, witty, public-spirited, entertaining and inspiring."

●  22 architects and designers weigh in on how 2018 will affect the future of the industry: "Their varied and thought-provoking responses highlight some of the most relevant and exciting ideas that are shaping the world in which we live, work, and design."

●  Birnbaum reviews "the highs and lows of landscape architecture" in 2018, and "predicts that the discipline will continue to blur with other urban fields in 2019. This is a new era for philanthropy in which landscape architecture has a starring role."

●  King x 2: He parses the "architecture of parking garages, from ghastly to glorious. With the right budget and approach, infrastructure can even be fun" (except one: "Perhaps something went wrong in the lab?").

●  He spotlights Berkeley's Center Street Garage - a "parking garage that even car-haters can love - for sheer energetic punch, the newcomer is a welcome addition to the scene. To see why, visit other recent parking garages - and try not to wince."

●  Kaufman reports that Google is planning a $1 billion expansion in NYC - "no subsidies asked," and is drawing favorable comparisons to Amazon HQ2 - "many think Google is a 'good neighbor.'"

●  Schmidt Hammer Lassen's first U.S. project is in (drum-roll, please) downtown Detroit that will incorporate the façade of an Albert Kahn-designed theater (Maurice Cox said "this could be the Rockefeller Center of Detroit").

●  Ravenscroft reports that plans for the Grace on Coronation development, a trio of Brisbane skyscrapers by Zaha Hadid Architects, have been dropped, following "the developer withdrawing its plans to build another two ZHA-designed skyscrapers 50 miles south."

●  Dineen reports that the San Francisco developer who tore down Neutra's Largent House is ordered to "rebuild it exactly as it was" (all that remains is a garage door and frame - such a sad image).

●  Betsky, on a brighter note, cheers the 5 finalists in the 2019 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program: "What they are all good at - and several of them are very good at, indeed - is the alchemy of the everyday, the magic of the simple object - and the beauty of the urban oasis" (his take on what the YAP jury deliberations might have been like is hilarious).

●  Hui's Q&A with Hong Kong-based Vicky Chan (of Avoid Obvious Architects), who makes the case for architecture classes in schools, and talks about his organization Architecture for Children - he has taught to thousands of kids over the past 15 years.

●  ICYMI: Weinstein at his eloquent best with his pick of the 10 Best Architecture and Design Books of 2018, which he describes as "invaluable and impeccably designed"; "quirkily inclusive"; "charmingly loopy"; "enthralling"; "produced with panache" (and then some!).

A Fuksas fracas (did they learn nothing from the Venturi Scott Brown Pritzker debacle?):

●  Sitz reports that Voices of Women Architects and Rebel Architette have launched a petition asking the Istituto Nazionale di Architettura (IN/ARCH) to recognize Doriana Fuksas along with Massimiliano in the lifetime achievement award he recently received (see comment at bottom re: his "first wife and architectural partner Anna Maria Sacconi" - another sticky wicket added to the brew).

●  Perani, Braverman & James, the campaigners behind petition for Doriana Fuksas' recognition, write that her "omission from a local award has global impact for women in architecture. We say it is time for equality #timefor50, are you ready to join us?"

●  Fulcher reports that Fuksas is furious that his "equal partner" Doriana was omitted from the award - IN/ARCH president says the award "recognized Massimiliano's career, which started 15 years before he started working with Doriana."

●  On a brighter note, Studio Fuksas has won the competition to design the Gelendzhik Airport for the resort city on Black Sea coast in Russia.

A day for manifestos:

●  Arieff ponders "where are all the female architects? Why are so few sticking with the industry after graduation? There is no single - or simple - explanation for this. Nor is there an easy fix" (but there is some "tentative good news").

●  P+W's Weatherspoon explains why "architects and designers need to build a bridge between practice and community - the profession is still not reflective of the stories and abilities of designers of color within the POC [people of color] community."

●  Civic Projects' Chadha calls on architects and designers "to reflect on their role in the big picture," and encourages "emerging designers seeking to make a difference to look beyond the borders of traditional practice and to roles in government, teaching, and public service."

●  Agbo parses "the role of designers in a democracy - the design community as an entity should become politically agnostic, but more socially-conscious - whether in democracies, monarchies or communist states."

●  5468796 Architecture "calls on architects to focus strategic attention on multi-family housing design - the one area of architecture that has the most impact on the lives of 'ordinary people.' As members of a profession founded on creative thought, innovation and concern for the greater good, we have to do better."


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