Today’s News - Wednesday, December 5, 2018

●  At the UN climate summit , UIA President Vonier "urged political leaders to join forces with architects to help turn 'unsustainable' built environment practices around and halt runaway climate change"; UKGBC's Hirigoyen "warned that architects who were slow to act on it would be 'left behind.'"

●  King considers the 52 responses to a "recent 'request for interest' on how to revive the most troublesome piers" along San Francisco's Embarcadero, "some grand, others far-fetched - the cross-section says a lot about the perceived needs - and opportunities to reap profits."

●  Budds, "an East Bay native, an Oakland A's fan, and an advocate for good urbanism," explains why BIG's plan for a new A's stadium is "a big mistake. Architecturally, the proposal looks neither exciting nor innovative" - and "based on the myth of stadiums as economic drivers. The renderings released are just marketing hype. Oakland deserves better."

●  Nitzan-Shiftan offers an insightful - and timely - take on Mumford's "extraordinary" 1970 letter to the mayor of Jerusalem ("published here for the first time") that "remains powerful and problematic" today - "his memorandum is a tour de force. Yet all these years later it is impossible not to register that the rhetoric is as presumptuous as it is stirring, at once admirable and appalling, liberal and paternalistic" (both fascinating reads!).

●  Merritt looks into what some struggling congregations are doing with their no-longer-affordable churches ("6,000 to 10,000 churches die each year" in the U.S.!), and profiles the Missional Wisdom Foundation, which is helping them "repurpose their buildings before they go under" (they're not all turning into condos - great story!).

●  Plitt reports on Snøhetta's revised plan for Johnson's 550 Madison (a.k.a. AT&T Building): "Unlike the previous design, this one is more respectful of the Postmodern icon's historical importance. But there are still losses" (Burgee and Ritchie consulted).

●  The Australian Museum in Sydney taps Cox Architecture and Neeson Murcutt to design its $57.5 million refurbishment "with the view to increase the museum's capacity to host 'blockbuster' international touring exhibitions" (up first, King Tut).

●  Friends of the High Line invited 25 artists from five cities to consider what monuments should look like - "New Monuments for New Cities" will be "displayed in industrial reuse spaces" in those cities next year.

●  From KCET's "Lost L.A." series, Waldie takes us on a "Fantastic!" tour of "exuberant commercial architecture" in Los Angeles that "was an oversize image of what was inside - the results were often 'tasteless, even horrible,' yet something in them - even at their cheesiest - satisfied (great images!).

●  Budds introduces us to The Black Artists + Designers Guild and founder Malene Barnett, taking "on the industry's race problem" by becoming "the go-to resource for people interested in hiring black creatives and, more importantly, publishing and spreading awareness of their work. And it comes at the right time."

●  Duddy introduces us to "seven influential and innovative women of the Bauhaus" - they "were not exactly treated as equals to their male peers," but they've left their mark.

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: rise Up: Sponsors are cheering on their student/architect teams working to find low-cost, sustainable housing solutions in the rise in the city 2018 design competition - but there are still teams that need sponsorship. Join those who are already reaping the rewards of the partnerships!

Winners all (and lots of 'em!):

●  The 5th Annual Women in Architecture Awards honors five trailblazers - "despite the professional challenges women often face, they have become leaders and role models for their peers and emerging designers alike."

●  The RIBA Research Medal goes to Chris Hildrey, who "set up ProxyAddress with the aiming of taking postal addresses that are not being used and assigning them to homeless people so they can access vital support services - the project is now moving towards live trials" (Royal Mail is behind it!).

●  Eyefuls of The Architect's Newspaper's 2018 AN Best of Design Awards.

●  The 2018 World Architecture Festival Awards name final winners - Building of the Year prize goes WOHA Architects.

●  Waite weighs in with "who's won what at the AJ Architecture Awards 2018" - Design of the Year went to MUMA.

●  Eyefuls of the Dezeen Awards 2018 winners, Christ & Gantenbein/Architect of the Year; Bureau Spectacular/Emerging Architect of the Year, among them (great presentations).

●  The Architectural Review's AR Emerging Architecture 2018 awards winners announced, including the new Peter Davey Prize - editors' choice.

●  Five winners from NYC, Nanjing, China, Shanghai, Sydney, and Edinburgh who "reimagined Central Park after a fictional eco-terrorist attack" win the University of Pennsylvania School of Design LA+ Journal's ICONOCLAST Design Competition (link to LA+ for great presentation).

●  Your eye-candy for the day: The Art of Building photography contest, which "celebrates creativity in the construction industry," brings us the top 12 shots (gorgeous!).


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