Today’s News - Tuesday, September 11, 2018

●  ANN feature: 9/11: A Reflection: A reprise of our 2002 tribute marking the first anniversary: While my city - the world - will never be the same, it is challenging and rewarding to be part of an industry that is so important to healing both - and can help them grow greater.

●  Crosbie considers the "unplanned gravity" of "9/11's most stirring memorial" sited across the Hudson in Jersey City: the designers Frederic Schwartz & Jessica Jamroz "were just as astonished as everyone else - and admitted so - when 'Empty Sky' became transcendent."

●  Murdoch returns to Shanksville, PA, and the 2,200-acre Flight 93 National Memorial - his "plan from the outset was to bring life back to a stretch of solemn 'hallowed ground' that was little more than an industry-ravaged strip mine site.

●  A very different note on the other side of the Big Pond: Protest over the £100 million Adjaye/Arad Holocaust Memorial in London's Victoria Tower Gardens - it is "the 'right idea, wrong location' and should not be built on the gardens at all."

●  Finch calls for "notions of 'cultural appropriation'" to be kept out of architecture: "A plague on the houses of the cultural appropriation brigade - borrowing, stealing, inspiration and design miscegenation have been an essential part of its evolution for millennia. Long may this continue."

●  Rudlin cautions architects not to "ignore the rules of urban design" or "you will end up with dull, lifeless places however many people you Photoshop into the drawing."

●  Betsky visits Oslo's "well done but generic" Fjord City: "Even when a city does just about everything right, it cannot seem to avoid an unbearable sameness" (and perhaps too many "food halls for the grazing hippoisie").

●  Duany minces no words about Providence possibly approving a proposed a 600-foot tower, and why it should not: "The architecture is not original - the product of mediocre designers and a cynical developer. It is parasitic" (and then some!).

●  Keane parses the Government Accountability Office's assessment of Trump's border wall prototypes' feasibility and aesthetics: it "will cost more than projected, take longer than planned, or not fully perform as expected."

On brighter notes:

●  Wainwright cheers Haworth Tompkins' "scorching resurrection" of the Battersea Arts Centre that "has kept thrilling traces of the 2015 fire. The result is a spatial spectacular - a magical place that surprises at every turn."

●  Moore cheers the rebirth of two Victorian civic buildings - Assemble's Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, and 6a architects' South London Gallery: Both projects "employ architects who relish the as-found: the chance qualities of craftsmanship and time, damage, weathering."

●  Capener profiles 11 "rising stars of Irish architecture" who "represent some of the best emerging design talent around."

●  Dublin-based architect Scanlon hails "Capener's welcome celebration of emerging Irish architects. However, I would wager that few, if any are the designers behind the 'cranes on the skylines' - let us hope real priority and focus will be given to developing supports and opportunities for architects to sustain their practices."

●  An in-depth report on how new innovations (there's an app for that) and "an architectural awakening could save billions of birds": Toronto "is seen by many as a model of a city that does right by birds," and a retrofit of NYC's Javits Center "cut bird mortalities by 90%."

Winners all:

●  Houston-based architect Rodriguez parses the five resilient single-family houses and one streetscape that won the Community Housing and Urban Design Competition: "The importance of competitions of this nature is remarkable and a critical step towards" achieving Houston 2020 Visions.

●  The winning design in the Building Trust Affordable Housing Design Challenge Competition "will see 3,000 units developed supporting access to quality sustainable housing solutions for factory workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia."

●  Donoff parses the 10 winners of the 2018 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards (great presentations).

●  Denise Scott Brown receives the second annual Soane Medal for her contributions of built work, education, history, and theory (Moneo won the inaugural medal).

●  Weese, Stern, Hunderman & Slaton take home the Society of Architectural Historians' 2018 Awards for Architectural Excellence.

●  The Sienkiewicz's "Tight Knit" pavilion wins the 2018 Chart Architecture Competition that promotes young Nordic architects.


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