Today’s News - Wednesday, September 5, 2018

●  There's "a cautionary tale" in India's "$7.5 billion plan to turn 100 urban centers into Smart Cities": Apart from Lavasa's "abandoned buildings and cratered roads" - it didn't "address structural issues such as poor design, and ignores the needs of low-income and marginalized groups, according to planners and rights groups."

●  Hertz explains why "it is time to stop being surprised by gentrification, and to stop expecting it to just go away - both rapid investment and disinvestment represent the same forces of inequality and power" - the "forces we need to contend with to build more just cities."

●  Kamin x 2: He cheers the "engaging" new Chicago Architecture Center by AS+GG, "the latest jewel in Chicago's architectural crown - it may be able to hit the sweet spot of being as welcoming to the skyscraper geek as to the tourist who doesn't know Burnham and Sullivan."

●  He's thrilled that the "much-derided" Union Station plan has been shelved, but "don't get too excited" until we see the revised "vision" - whatever it is, "the decision to jettison the original plan is a major victory for historic preservationists."

●  No one knows (yet) whether Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Woods Bagot's competition-winning design for the Adelaide Contemporary gallery "will be abandoned completely or appropriated for" a National Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery.

●  Eyefuls (and a video) of Gehry's 523,000-square-foot "exuberant-landscape-meets-open-office" MPK 21 project for Facebook (also "studded with environmentally-friendly bells and whistles").

●  Glass sits down with Renzo Piano, who "settles into a chair and happily starts talking about his 'very funny profession - a mix - ethics, beauty, poetry'" (he "intends to continue till he drops. 'When I rest, it will be eternal'").

●  Mackintosh's Glasgow tearoom, flat-packed in storage for 50 years, "has been gently woken by a team of experts" and "will form the jewel in the crown of the V&A's Scottish Design Galleries."

●  Vitullo-Martin & Gotkin ponder whether "the system for protecting historic buildings in New York still works."

●  Brazilian anthropologist Gomes eloquently mourns the loss of the "beloved" Museu Nacional in Rio: "A mixture of deep sorrow, anger and resentment has swept Brazilians across the country. Everyone has their preferred culprit in this national disgrace."

●  Bozikovic, on a brighter note, cheers MVVA's upcoming set of new Toronto riverfront parks that "will mix up the artificial and the natural" and "teach us that there's really no line between the two."

●  Gallagher cheers Atwater Beach the "next big thing" for Detroit's "slowly evolving riverfront."

●  NYC revises its Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX) streetcar plan, an 11-mile route along the waterfront intended to be "a link between mixed-income neighborhoods and jobs," and "designed to support transit-oriented development.

●  This fall, the International Code Council will decide "whether to support construction of timber buildings up to 18 stories high amid an industry tug of war on the safety of tall wood structures versus concrete or steel" (public comment period included).

Winners all (well...maybe not all):

●  BD's 2018 Carbuncle Cup, "the award no one wants to win," goes to a regeneration project, "the judges said the shed-like building 'ridiculed' the town center it had been intended to rescue" + A humorous parsing of the 2018 shortlist (a "house the appearance of a red-faced child").

●  On a more inspired note, 25 winners will take home an ASLA 2018 Professional Award.

●  The ASLA 2018 Student Awards go to 27 winners (both include a free link to Landscape Architecture Magazine's full coverage).


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