Today’s News - Thursday, August 9, 2018

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●  ANN feature: The Pop-up Phenomenon, Made in America: To meet a growing demand, Hofmann Architecture's Living Vehicle is an architectural platform offering mobile, easily deployable business and housing options (full disclosure: we want one!).

●  Sperber makes the case that "to end abuse in architecture, start with the lone wolf myth. Nothing can further from the truth. Creativity and masculinity have been conflated for too long."

●  Rudlin reports on Richard Florida's keynote at the 13th Academy of Urbanism congress in Cork, which was met with "a degree of hostility - he was right to identify the importance of the creative class. But the new urban crisis is the result of the unfettered workings of the market rather than a bunch of tech workers in a tower."

●  Brey reports on a New York State program that "supports residents in smaller cities to redevelop abandoned buildings as affordable housing in struggling neighborhoods and build local wealth at the same time" (unnamed architect involved).

●  Quigley reports from "inside architecture's new classicism boom," and talks to some top architects who "are being called on to look back - way back - in order to get ahead."

●  An MIT design workshop comes up with "a prototype building to demonstrate that even huge buildings can be built primarily with wood": "Longhouse is a wonderfully creative and beautifully executed example of the design potential for mass timber."

●  The North American Green Roofs for Healthy Cities survey finds Washington, DC, is home to the most green roofs; Newark, NJ, is second, followed by the cities rounding out the top 10.

●  Philadelphia is on the GRHC's top 10 list: "The city has evolved from a green-roof backwater to a leader in the field," with a round-up of the city's best (and very cool) green roofs.

●  Alan Jones wins RIBA presidential election after "an unusually eventful election battle" + Paul Finch comments + Twitter reactions.

●  The Australian Institute of Architects, on the other hand, "sacks" its CEO - "neither side was prepared to make public comments."

●  Cramer has a great conversation with Justin Davidson re: "how design can motivate intrinsic urban activities."

●  Feuerman has a great conversation with Daniel Libeskind in Sydney re: "his design process, humanistic architecture, and the importance of inscribing a narrative to a place": "Every city has its own genes that will lead you and show you what it wants to do."

●  The 2018 Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit early-bird registration deadline looms (save money!).

Weekend diversions:

●  Eyefuls of MAD Architects' "Tunnel of Light" that restored a historic, abandoned Japanese lookout tunnel into "a trail of artistic spaces" as part of the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Triennale (it's a wow!).

●  Medina cheers the Canadian Centre for Architecture's "Utopie Radicali: Florence 1966-1976": "The rich legacy of 'radical' Italian design risks overexposure," but this "enjoyable" exhibit "on the movement's protagonists avoids the genre's clichés" (a great parsing of the period).

●  "50 Years After Whitney Young Jr." at the Octagon Museum in Washington, DC, "surveys the legacy of the National Urban League, which Young led for a decade," his impact on the AIA, and "showcases key figures in the fight for diversity within architecture."

●  "Prototypes and Experiments" at the Aram Gallery in London "explores the role of models in design" by starchitects and emerging practices.

●  Also in London, photographer Will Scott's "Seaside Shelters" is "an unapologetic celebration of the buildings' unique ornamentation," and is "a much-needed reminder of the architectural, artistic, and cultural value that these public service spots hold"; the book includes an intro by Edwin Heathcote (fab photos here!).

●  "Flooded Modernity" is Danish artist Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen's full-scale, sinking model of Corbu's Villa Savoye, part of the VejleMuseerne's Floating Art 2018 festival in Vejle, Denmark.


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