Today’s News - Tuesday, July 17, 2018

●  Moore cheers for the Mac, "ready to rise from the ashes once more - it was a wonder, so why wouldn't you want it back if you could? The hard question is, how do you actually achieve this task?"

●  Kamin x 2: He visits the National Museum of African American History and Culture, which "drops hints of what to expect at the Obama Presidential Center. The building stirs the soul and pricks the conscience - if the Obama museum can match this standard, it will be very good indeed."

●  He questions what hidden agendas might be behind efforts to demolish the Harley Clarke mansion, "a rare architectural gem" that "should be saved."

●  Leigh delves into the efforts to turn Friedberg's Pershing Park in D.C. into a World War I memorial - it's "a case study in the barriers the nation's cultural elites have placed in the way of clear thinking about the purposes and aesthetics of public art and architecture."

●  Finch declares "fake news!" and explains why Trump is wrong about the new U.S. Embassy in London: its "real value is in the regeneration of Nine Elms. Presidential criticism was partly based on a series of (how can one say this tactfully?) inaccuracies."

●  U.K. property developer Upton talks to the AJ "about his frustration with architects, how regeneration has 'lost its way,'" and "moments of 'childish hope,' an emotion he says more architects need to engage with."

●  Imani Day says it's time to "get real about diversity - there is no concerted, organized aim to substantially move the equity needle toward accountability or subsequent action; we're supposed to be thinking outside of the box - not aimlessly checking one."

●  Kimmelman cheers Coney Island's "newest wonder: Sharkitecture! The New York Aquarium pavilion happens to illustrate the difference architecture makes to residents in one of the city's most underserved communities and to a neighborhood of honky-tonk amusement parks and oceanfront."

●  Wainwright cheers Pricegore and Ilori's "psychedelic castle" - an "invasion of lurid triangles will soon be shaking up John Soane's sober Dulwich Picture Gallery - may their painted palace usher in a rainbow future, a more joyous strand of architecture that isn't afraid to indulge in pattern and color."

●  Carme Pinós unveils her design for a timber-lattice structure for 2018 MPavilion in Melbourne.

●  Architects at Newman Garrison + Partners unveil New Block, "a patented 'green building solution' for urban developers, created with affordability and livability in mind."

●  Foster + Partners teams up with Bade Stageberg Cox to design, pro bono, a new boathouse for Row New York that will "dramatically expand its youth program for middle and high school students from New York's most underserved schools" (alas, no images until fall).

●  Miranda has had it with glass staircases and transparent catwalks: "if there are a few good men out there willing to walk around one their own or someone else's buildings in a skirt - while wearing high heels and holding a purse and a baby - my lines are open" (we're in total agreement - and laughing out loud!).

Winners all:

●  Risen profiles the 12th Annual R+D Award winners - "the bar was set extremely high for this year's slate" (great presentation).

●  The NSW Australian Institute of Architecture Awards put the spotlight on sustainability, innovation, and procurement practice.

●  Winners of the NSW AIA Emerging Architect Award are "disrupting our lives in previously unthinkable ways."

●  Hawkins\Brown's "A Space For All" wins the London Festival of Architecture and Architects LGBT+'s Pride Float Competition.


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