Today’s News - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

●  It's a mince-no-words kind of day: Architectural historian Blasius minces no words about what she thinks of proposed addition to Chicago's Union Station, likening it to "a self-inked address stamper - it's also condescending to the station itself, the architectural equivalent of a head patting, or worse - this is new bullying old."

●  Wainwright minces no words about "the faceless managers" of a London estate paving over a "little trickle" of water "that livened up this bleak place" as a way "to tackle the scourge of smart phone zombies - health and safety concerns finally seem to have trumped any desire for delight in the public realm."

●  Kamin minces no words in his warning to Evanston, IL, leaders considering "a still-vague, privately funded plan" for parkland to replace a lakefront landmark: "How can a left-leaning town that has shot down skyscraper proposals on the grounds that they would wipe out historic buildings be contemplating the destruction of an official city landmark?"

●  The Architecture Lobby and ADPSR call on "all architects to reject projects relating to immigrant detention. 'We will not design cages for people.'"

●  A growing trend in "tiny home communities": are they a "housing solution or gentrified trailer parks? Can the burgeoning Instagram- and tech-friendly tiny home movement help solve" the affordable-housing crisis?

●  Sisson reports on an initiative led by a team of local community organizers, architects, and designers in Portland, Oregon: the "community-created plan offers a blueprint for pushing back against displacement and disinvestment" that could "serve as a model to help reinvest in and restore" other communities "feeling under siege."

●  OMA's revised design for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery expansion "would spare a beloved 1962 building by Buffalo-born Gordon Bunshaft," and seems to have put preservationists' and architectural historians' concerns about the original "controversial concept" to rest.

●  Hadid's Morpheus hotel in Macau, "notably different from much of her signature curvaceous, sculptural designs," is ready for its close-up: "Is it an example of the 'weird' architecture" that the Chinese president "railed against?" It "shares the appearance of the grandiose architecture that so irked the Chinese leader" ("solutions to an unusual set of challenges" included).

●  A first look at AD EX, the Dallas Center For Architecture's new downtown digs on the edge of what will be the city's next major park - "with that new identity comes a fresh new look."

●  Mike Ford of Hip-hop Architecture Camp fame gets a royal Rolling Stone magazine treatment: He "sees his teaching as a way to counter the troubled history of urban planning in America."

●  Sisson parses the National Trust for Historic Preservation's 2018 List of 11 Most Endangered Places, which includes "historic homes, iconic city squares, and the roadside wonders of Route 66."

●  Brussat reveals the identity of his favorite modernist architect (gasp!): "I must tentatively conclude that Carlo Scarpa is my favorite. At least he thought sensible thoughts, if not quite enough of them - but enough to qualify as the least displeasing among the practitioners of modern architecture."

Winners - and one shortlist - abound:

●  Six (impressive!) international teams in the running to win the Future Campus - University College Dublin International Design Competition.

●  Litt reports that SO-IL + Kurtz has won the competition to design Martin Luther King Jr. branch for Cleveland Public Library: "the vote left members of the public and the [shortlisted] design team of MASS Design Group/LDA Architects sounding miffed."

●  Martin "takes a look at the innovative and imaginative designs among the winners of this year's Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland Architecture Awards."

●  Cheers to the ASLA 2018 Honors recipients, including Linda Jewell (ASLA Medal), and Andropogon Associates (Firm Award).

●  The 2018 North American Copper in Architecture Awards go to 15 projects.

●  Winners of Latvia's Pape Nature Park Gateway competition hail from Belgium, U.S., and Ukraine.


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