Today’s News - Tuesday, June 19, 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow and Thursday will be no-newsletter days - we'll be ensconced at the AIA's A'18 confab in NYC. We may - or may not - post on Friday, but will definitely be back Tuesday, June 26.

●  ANN feature: Nuts+Bolts #18: Feinknopf, architectural photographer: More Than Meets the Eye: The Value of Architectural Photography: When you have a great project with equally great photography, the possibilities - and the pay-offs - can be endless.

●  Wainwright talks to architects "at odds over future" of the Glasgow School of Art "about what to do with the charred remains of Mackintosh's finest work"; Dunlop: "restoration is not an option"; Harrap: "If done well, it could be brilliant. If bodged, it could be another act of reckless 'facadism'" (and others).

●  Initial report raises "questions over why a sprinkler system was not prioritized" at the Glasgow School of Art, while "conservation experts argue that a fresh recovery project could build on the detail, skill and knowledge accumulated during Page\Park's restoration of the treasured Mackintosh Library."

●  Kimmelman cheers OMA's "shape-shifting" gallery tower for the Prada Foundation in Milan: For Koolhaas and Prada, "more is more" - it's "a chameleon" in a "world-weary, sneakily luxurious mini-city, fragmentary, full of craft and secrets" (the restaurant includes furniture from the Four Seasons auction in NYC).

●  Brussat cheers Selldorf's plan for the Frick Collection in NYC: It "is quite judicious and temperate, and with two minor tweaks should be accepted and built posthaste."

●  TCLF's Birnbaum pens a letter to the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission explaining why the "future of the Frick's Page Garden remains tenuous": "We firmly believe that the architects presently involved are capable of a design that retains the garden as the 'jewel in the crown' of the Frick campus."

●  The Stockholm city council "is appealing against the 'weak' legal ruling that halted Chipperfield's £100m Nobel Centre in its tracks."

●  Flatman ponders whether post-modernism "can ever really die" - it is "the harbinger of today's 'post-truth' age" (great read).

●  Searle is not all that impressed with Christo's "London Mastaba" now "afloat on tepid waters" of Hyde Park's Serpentine like "a giant geometric bath toy" - it "somehow lacks a sense of wonder. No delicacy, no grandeur."

●  Salingaros offers Part 4 in his series on corporate and university campus design, offering the tools and techniques to use "human sensors" in "walkabouts" that can "reveal a vast amount of useful design information not otherwise available."

●  Desrochers explains why "gender equity starts at school": "Schools lack incentives to bring sexism and harassment issues to the fore. The profession inherits the problem."

●  Gissen ponders: "Why are there so few disabled architects and architecture students? The lack of knowledge about disabled architecture students and architects stands in contrast to other strides made in diversification, equity, and inclusion," and "relegates people with disabilities to being a topic of discussion versus agents of change."

●  Denny from the Biennale: "'Freespace' shows that architects must retool their relationship to power - and to the Biennale - there was little evidence of a discipline coming to grips with pressing issues; the U.S. Pavilion "is the boldest move in what is a particularly conservative Biennale."

●  Mortlock & Neustein offer a lighter take with "a wildly subjective ranking of the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale - a prosecco-fuelled, three-day-long celebration followed by a six-month long hangover witnessed almost solely by interns, pigeons and the occasional befuddled tourist" (and some amusing categories: "Best of the pint-sized buildings; Least reliant on metaphors; Best engagement with reality; Recycled ideas"; etc.).

●  Quebec's "Architecture and community commitment: A tale of aluminum" competition results in two (very cool) grand prize winners.


●  Call for entries: 2018 FX International Interior Design Awards for projects and products.

●  Call for entries: International Architecture Awards 2018; 3 winners in each category (early-bird registration deadline (save money!) looms!).

●  Call for entries: YAC - Young Architects Competitions: "Seduction Pavilion" to "pay tribute to the forgotten world of failed female stars: enchanting beauties who never achieved fame" (winning design will be built!).


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