Today’s News - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: Today's News is a bit shorter than usual. Your devoted curator of news is battling the flu, and words on the screen started turning into parametric parabolas (is that even a thing - or maybe we mean iambic pentameter?). If we miss posting tomorrow, you'll know why...

●  Kamin x 2: He pays tribute to Wilbert Hasbrouck, the preservation architect (also of Prairie Avenue Bookshop fame) who renovated or restored notable projects by Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, and others, and "sometimes rankled preservationists when he testified against saving historic structures."

●  He parses a TOD project in Wilmette (14 miles north of Chicago): "The intentions were good (they always are)," but "there's much more to a successful TOD than proximity to a train station."

●  Could the U.S. Congress get any more dysfunctional? Apparently, yes: "House votes to roll back Americans with Disabilities Act protections - written to cut off overly litigious law firms" (with any luck, it won't pass the Senate, but we're not holding our breath).

●  Lange takes a long look at the future of malls - the good ones have much in common with the great ones of the past (but where are the benches for weary?).

●  Taylor-Foster ponders McAslan's Msheireb Museums in Qatar: "The debate about what architecture can and should say about national identity and heritage is ratcheting up" with a project that is at the "forefront architectural preservation and place-making."

●  Rumor has it (from "a person familiar with the matter") that Gehry and Calatrava could be in the mix to design towers for Hudson Yards Phase 2: "Let the speculation begin."

●  Sussman susses out why people shun Boston City Hall by using eye-tracking: "It was astonishing for us to 'see' how difficult it was for people to actually 'fixate' on any part of the building."

●  There's a "hiccup" at Apple's shiny, new, Foster-designed HQ in Cupertino: "employees keep smacking into the glass walls - some staff started to stick Post-It notes on the glass," but they "were removed because they detracted from the building's design" (ouches be damned!).

●  Saval pens a fascinating profile of Kengo Kuma, "the most famous Japanese architect Americans have never heard of": "he wants to 'erase' his trade, to create a 'defeated architecture' - he often makes demagogic statements on behalf of his own brand of architectural modesty."

●  Martin's Q&A with Richard Rogers re: cities, Manhattan, modern architecture, and his new book: "I would say that now New York is no longer cutting-edge."

●  Who doesn't like a little bit of eye candy every now and then: Serbian photographer Nikola Olic's "inventive compositions" presents urban landscapes "in a new light" (very cool).

●  For the architect who needs a new toy: "BLOKOSHKA: A Modernist Architectural Matryoshka" is "a playful tour" of former Eastern Bloc concrete modernist estates via pre-cut, pre-folded nesting blocks.


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