Today’s News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018

●  We lead with Next City's amazing reporting from the World Urban Forum 9, which just wrapped up its 7 days in Kuala Lumpur, that focused on implementing "a bold New Urban Agenda" (plan to spend some time here!).

●  Wainwright x 2: He visits The World, and considers "the return of Dubai's ultimate folly" - the "fantasy archipelago of 300 artificial 'countries' is back in business," though "it's hard to shake the sense of an Ozymandian ruin" (it's "a forlorn sight").

●  He's much more positive about the "£3bn rebirth of King's Cross" that includes "dictator chic and pie-in-the-sky penthouses" by 35 different architects. "There's a touch of bling" and "youthful swagger. There are some howlers too."

●  Moore parses the £1.5bn makeover and rebuilding of the BBC Television Centre into "a multifunctional, if mostly high-end, piece of city. It's a coherent and well-made piece" (though "good intentions are symbolized as much as achieved").

●  On a smaller scale, Chicago's 1901 Bush Temple of Music Revived is now a 101-unit apartment community with a restoration that recalls the landmark's history as a piano showroom.

●  Safdie is on board to design a new library for Boise, Idaho (currently housed in a 1940s retrofitted warehouse): "The city hopes to have a final, detailed design by early May. What Boise doesn't have is a firm plan to pay" for it.

●  Sreenivasan visits post-Harvey Houston to "explore what changes leaders say are needed to avoid another disaster, and who should pay for them."

●  K. Jacobs takes a deep dive into the RPA's "wonderfully contrarian proposal" to turn the roughly 8,400-acre New Jersey Meadowlands into a national park that "could keep 20 million New York-area residents above water" - it's "progressive, clear-eyed, and just a little dull" with "one jaw-dropping idea" ("'Road Warrior' chic" included).

●  Barber rounds up "11 ugly urban underpasses now functioning as public parks" (very cool - too bad the designers aren't included).

●  Dunlop's Celtic crossing proposal for a bridge between Scotland and Ireland continues to interest politicians.

●  Kamin says that, as far as he's concerned, the John Hancock Center is still the Hancock, even though "the muscular, X-braced giant - a symbol of Chicago's urban might" now carries "the wet-dishrag name of 875 North Michigan Avenue. Is Carl Sandburg turning over in his grave?"

●  Gerfen brings us a great presentation of the 65th Annual P/A Awards given to 10 projects that "are wondrous in their disparity, demonstrating architecture's undiminished capacity to both improve society and reinvent itself."

●  One we couldn't resist: Eyefuls of "a new breed of digital artists combining photography with image manipulation techniques to bend, twist, and distort cities to their will" (wow!).


●  Sign up to participate in the AIASF EQxD 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey that "will dive into career metrics, cultural competence, and organizational justice."

●  Call for Letters of Interest: 2018 ASLA Diversity Summit in D.C. in June, open to landscape architecture professionals of color in the U.S.

●  Call for entries: Pocket Seat Design Competition 2018: design a seat that can be carried and used anywhere and everywhere by all age groups (can't be larger than 1 square foot).

●  Early-bird registration (save money!) for the Society for Marketing Professional Services Annual Conference: Build Business 2018 in San Diego in August.

Happy Valentine's Day!

●  75 (mostly very cool) Valentines for architects and (architecture) lovers.


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