Today’s News - Friday, February 9, 2018

ANN SPECIAL EDITION: The link to Weinstein's latest essay on architectural education, posted yesterday, was incorrect. It is a follow-up in response to comments he got from Dickinson and Bernstein re: his February 1 essay that tackled their takes on architectural education. For clarity, we offer a digest of the dialogue/debate with the most recent first:

●  Weinstein: Educating Future Architects to Think Like Curious Clients: Expanding architectural education to include more about client consciousness is a key to enriching the profession.

●  Weinstein: Architectural Education at the Crossroads? Educators Duo Dickinson and Phil Bernstein look in opposite directions when assessing architecture school quality - but the next architecture school transformation may emerge from where no one is looking.

●  Phil Bernstein rebuts Dickinson: Architectural Education is Changing: Let's Hope the Profession Can Keep Up: Contrary to popular myth, the schools are leading the way into the future - the discussion would benefit from some facts on the ground, so here goes...

●  Dickinson: Architectural Education Will Have to Change or Risk Becoming Irrelevant: The technological revolution is making the studio model increasingly obsolete: ...the way our profession functions is changing, so the model of teaching will, by necessity, have to change.


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