Today’s News - Wednesday, December 6, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for not posting yesterday - the internet gods had other ideas (maybe they like making editors cry).

●  Stern pens a most heartfelt tribute to Vincent Scully, who "taught generations of students to see the world through the lens of human tradition and experience," but he was "more than a teacher. Never harsh in his judgments, but not mealy-mouthed either."

●  Flamer is just as heartfelt re: Scully: "Groundbreakings are common in architecture. Groundbreakers are rare." He "taught with such passion, it rose to Yale drama school-level performance art."

●  Budds parses a new study that explores ways to tackle climate change in the age of Trump: "Fix housing."

●  It seems tackling climate change is up to us since the Gang of Trump has disbanded "one of the last federal bodies that openly talked about climate change in public."

●  Filarski offers one way: he's part of a group of Rhode Island architects training for rapid response to disasters.

●  The New London Plan has architects seeing the "beginning of a renaissance" with its "new emphasis on design review and analysis" + RIBA responds.

●  Moore has more to say re: the New London Plan that might give the suburbs "a starring role" - making them "denser could make them better. It depends completely on how it's done."

●  Doig parses Vancouver's new "doozy" of a housing plan "(trigger warning, NIMBYs)."

●  Framlab has a doozy of an idea to house the homeless: create "vertical land" by building clusters of honeycomb-like pods on the blank sides of buildings.

●  Brussat cheers Sussman and Ward's "thrilling new report on how biometric technologies assess human taste in architecture. Most people have a more sophisticated ability to judge architecture than the experts."

●  Armstrong calls for opening "our sealed-off lives to semi-permeable architecture" by using organic construction materials (mycelium, microalgae, and bioreactors included).

●  Budds delves into LMN's "collaboration" with algorithms that "played an essential, irreplaceable role" in creating in the University of Iowa's new Voxman School of Music - "move over starchitects, algorithmic architecture is officially mainstream."

●  CLT takes center stage in a design collaboration that brings "America's first large-scale, mass timber interactive learning project" to the University of Arkansas with a "cabin the woods" concept for new residence halls.

●  2018 outlook: "Economists point to slowdown, AEC professionals say 'no way.'"

Let there be culture!

●  Hall Kaplan continues to mince no words about what he thinks of Zumthor's LACMA "design disaster": if the "willful ways of civil serpents" are allowed, it will be "a landmark to be mocked for the ages, a bad L.A. joke" (public comment open until December 15).

●  Betsky sees Beijing's 798 Factory as "one of the greatest accidental public spaces to emerge since the turn of the millennium. Why don't we have this in our country?"

●  Alter cheers Zeitz MOCAA, Heatherwick's "totally tubular, totally mind-blowing repurposing of grain silos" in Capetown that "demonstrates how they be tuned into architectural wonders. I have often had trouble with his work, but after this, all is forgiven."

●  ICA Miami's new home by Aranguren + Gallegos Arquitectos "has all the right angles - a building where contemporary art meets modern architecture."

Winners all!

●  Calgary's 2017 Mayor's Urban Design Awards honor "urban fragments, housing innovation, and civic design" (and pop-ups!).

●  Eyefuls of the winners of The Architect's Newspaper's 2017 AN Best of Design Awards in "a whopping 42 categories."

●  The Amber Road Trekking Cabin competition for a rest cabin along the Latvian Baltic coast picks winners.

●  Winners of the Pape Bird Observation Tower competition have "the capacity to become an important architectural landmark and observational tool" for a Latvian nature park.

●  Stand-out students win the 2017 Fentress Global Challenge to envision an airport of the future.

●  The Royal Society of Arts' RSA Royal Designers for Industry 2017 revealed.

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