Today’s News - Wednesday, October 4, 2017

●  Gendall talks to Puerto Rican architect Cruz Garcia re: "the vulnerabilities of disadvantaged populations" and rebuilding the island, post- Hurricane Maria: "We shouldn't even be thinking about putting things back the way they were. More than 'rebuilding,' we need to be talking about the construction of a better society."

●  Shey, a Houstonian, talks about her city in a post-Harvey world: "The cost for Harvey could approach $200 billion. A fraction of that money could have been spent on [infrastructure] improvements before disaster struck."

●  Cities across the country contributed to designing legislation to support smart cities projects, but "lack of bipartisan support could mean that this bill is dead on arrival."

●  Architects across the globe are "using 'parasite architecture' in increasingly creative and practical ways" to "come up with a solution to the lack of space" in big cities.

●  Moore x 2: "disdain for 'gentrification' is misguided - regeneration can be done with respect for existing communities. It all depends on how you do it."

●  His take on the Tate St. Ives extension in Cornwall: it "is not any old exhibition space but one that contains intelligence, strength of mind, and sensitivity as it is possible to put into a single plain rectangle. It is only a room - but what a room."

●  Wainwright says the Tate St. Ives is "a stunning new gallery," but it was "bullied into hiding" by local resistance "cramped its style - seen from the beach, "it's clear that the whole thing is the wrong way round."

●  Heathcote hails some of London's "daring" concrete architecture from the 1960s and '70s compared to what's being built today: has the city's "once-bold architecture lost its nerve" and "its radical edge? Are we now too cynical for the avant garde?"

●  Hume heaps high praise on Canada's new National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa, "a powerful addition to the landscape of the capital" that "speaks the language of pain, fear and isolation - an experience not easily forgotten. Libeskind has acquitted himself brilliantly" (but, oh those "intrusive" murals).

●  Saffron is not quite so kind to the new Children's Hospital of Philadelphia campus: its "vision is far too suburban for its Center City location - there are some truly enjoyable moments," but "you are always aware of being in a sterile, hyper-managed hospital complex."

●  New renderings of Viñoly's "latest Manhattan cloudbuster": it may not be as tall as 432 Park Avenue, but at 88 stories, it "is still plenty stringy" (with rather "superyacht" interiors).

●  3XN's new HQ for the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne "is a dynamic form that evokes the movement of an athlete," and "will be a one of the world's most energy efficient glass buildings."

●  Betsky considers the arrest of an unlicensed architect as "a victory for licensure," but "what worries me more is bad architects who commit crimes against our landscapes and lives on a daily basis. Those are the ones that should really go to jail."

●  A good reason to be in Toronto next week: NXT City Symposium - Future:Proof: "meet the top players pushing the limits of public space around the world."

●  A good reason to head to L.A. in a few weeks: "Common Ground," the ASLA 2017 Annual Meeting will explore "how landscape architects design common areas, creating and celebrating community."

●  Call for entries (deadline looms!): 2018 WoodWorks Wood Design Awards for excellence and innovation in the non-residential and multi-family wood buildings (no fee!).


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