Today’s News - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

●   The 2017 Global Cities Report comparing flexible workspaces in major cities around the world show some astonishing statistics re: the demand for and growth of co-working space.

●   Willis takes on InfoWars' "propaganda-style" video "Why Modern Architecture Sucks," and makes the case for "why dragging architectural styles" (that have "neither an inherent morality nor political agenda") into partisan territory is a bad idea."

●   Florida parses a new World Resources Institute study that "lays out how cities are making the global housing crisis worse," and three key strategies for addressing the issue.

●   O'Sullivan reports that Bloomberg Philanthropies' first European outposts are four (for now) French cities and regions with a "focus on local rather than national governments - showing the way the wind has been blowing for a while."

●   Grdadolnik explains "why Canada needs a public architecture policy," and offers some "principles that would foster architectural excellence in public buildings" as a starting point.

●   Jain takes on "perception vs. reality" in urban planning today, and how "smarter use of technologies and tools already at our disposal can help" create "better planning delivery mechanisms."

●   Lubenau profiles the five 2017 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence medalists that "provide powerful examples of the ability of the public sector to lead, inspire, and invest in places."

●   Hume hails a new public library in Toronto that, "when architecture seems little more than a desperate search for novelty - proves, at its best, architecture can still contribute to urbanity - with aplomb."

●   Frearson talks to 90-year-old Indian architect Doshi re: India's design schools not "teaching students to respect local heritage," which is "why many of the country's notable historic buildings are being demolished without concern."

●   REX's Perth+ tower complex gets the green light to "become a centerpiece of Elizabeth Quay and transform Perth's waterfront."

●   Caples Jefferson's Louis Armstrong House Museum Education Center "across the street from the landmarked house of the legendary jazz musician" in Queens breaks ground.

●   Two reports from ReSITE 2017's "The In/Visible City" Conference, which "brought forth the invisible features that give shape to the visible city."

●   Monocle Radio's great discussions with a number of Resite 2017 presenters.

●   Pickrel adds to her archive of unpublished interviews: Rattenbury, Roy, and Jacobs Lockhart, who worked with Frank Lloyd Wright, "recall his days living in New York City at the Plaza Hotel" (fab images, too!).

Winners all!

●   Moneo receives the inaugural Soane Medal for contribution to architecture.

●   Farrell wins the Royal Town Planning Institute's Gold Medal, "making him one of the few architects to have ever received the award."

One we couldn't resist:

●   Challa reports on "the drama once again reignited" re: Kapoor's "artsy monopoly" on the material Vantablack using his "clout, savvy, and the Nietzschean impulse to monopolize the closest incarnation of a black hole."

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