Today’s News - Thursday, July 13, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days; we'll be back Tuesday, July 18.

●   ANN feature: Nuts + Bolts #14: Mancini Duffy's Giordano explains how and why his firm is taking cultural cues from its tech-sector clients: Why can't the rules (or lack thereof) of start-up culture apply to an AEC firm (and fun doing it)?

●   Pedersen takes on the NRA and its "terrifying" ad: "They have found a Bogey Man: it's those elitists who want to take away your guns! And their provocative symbols? The buildings and art they create and consume" (a "sinister" Cloud Gate included).

●   Q&A with Azaroff re: the AIA's 2017 Disaster Assistance Handbook, "why it took almost a decade to update - and why it's better than ever."

●   Ottawa's Brutalist National Arts Centre has been transformed by Diamond Schmitt Architects with a "delicate and transparent" addition.

●   Dickinson finds the "noise and rancor" of so-called "Style Wars" to be "reductionist nonsense. I long for a time when 'Good' and 'Bad' is sufficient architectural judgment - no style screed necessary."

●   Brussat takes issue with Dickinson's take on the "style wars": "after describing valid reasons for the anger of many new traditionalists and a public that has seen its built environment trashed by modernism for decades, he trashes those who call for an alternative."


●   Call for entries: Save Cork City Morrison's Island International Design Competition, Cork, Ireland.

●   Call for entries: 2018 City of Dreams Pavilion for NYC's Governors Island.

●   Call for entries: Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre in Kaunas, Lithuania (2022 European Capital of Culture).

●   Call for entries: The Cambridge to Oxford Connection Ideas Competition (no fee!).

Weekend diversions:

●   PBS premieres "Weekend in Havana with Geoffrey Baer" that explores Cuba's history and architectural treasures, and includes local restoration architect Daniel de la Regata.

●   Australia's Channel Ten launches the nine-part "Australia by Design" this Saturday.

●   A sneak-peek at some the projects featured in "Australia By Design": the "are not full of dollar signs and glamour, rather they represent architecture at its finest, which claims an architectural purpose and has a positive impact on the local landscape."

●   Moore considers the new film "Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle" as he ponders whether Britain's "social housing dream has died" and "whether the postwar housing ideal can be revived."

●   Goldberger x 2 (yay!): In Lesser's "ambitious" Kahn biography, "You Say to Brick," her "subject isn't only Kahn, but also the shift in culture that has made this philosopher-cum-artist-cum-architect seem so out of sync with the times."

●   He cheers MoMA's "sage" and "remarkable" FLW show that offers "surprising sides of the architect" and "makes possible a fresh age in Wright scholarship."

●   Plagens is not totally pleased with Ai Weiwei and H&deM's "Hansel & Gretel" at NYC's Park Avenue Armory: the "gizmopalooza gives everyone a visceral experience of what it's like to be watched by unseen forces," but "its insights into the power and meaning of surveillance are superficial."

●   Wainwright looks "beneath the veneer" of the V&A's "eye-opening" show "Plywood: Material of the Modern World" that "tells the astonishing story of this age-old yet perennially modern material."

●   "Educating Architects: Four Courses by Kenneth Frampton" at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal "illustrates his multi-generational impact on the landscape of architecture education" and the profession internationally.

●   "Architecture of an Asylum: St. Elizabeths 1852-2017" at the National Building Museum "explores the links between architecture and mental health" (great pix!).

●   A "hypnotic" time-lapse video of the construction of Studio Gang's "Hive" (also at the National Building Museum) is "a good digital alternative" if you can't make it in person.

●   A fascinating look at why the NBM's "Hive" wasn't quite finished on opening day: "Things started to go wrong at the seventh row of the silver and magenta beehive."

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