Today’s News - Tuesday, July 11, 2017

●   Six stellar (to put it mildly) teams shortlisted for the Centre for Music, a new home for the London Symphony Orchestra.

●   Finch explains why starchitects are the grown-ups in room: "The difference between major international architects and most of the people who make the gossip columns is the architects actually do stuff."

●   Chipperfield explains why he thinks "architects are being emasculated" by master plans replacing urban planning (some interesting comments, too).

●   It's Mandrup vs. Brady re: "The great debate: Is 'female architect' an offensive title?"

●   Burns debates herself re: the term "woman architect": "We should ask who is choosing the phrase and are the subjects who've been labeled with the term happy to accept this label?

●   The EU Joint Research Centre ranked 168 European cities in "how they perform in 29 areas of culture and creativity. Size isn't everything."

●   A great Q&A with Schupbach re: creative place-making, and putting "art" in smart cities: there are no silver bullets - "you need silver buckshot."

●   Wainwright is wary of a £5.5bn plan that threatens Liverpool's UNESCO status because of a "crass planning decision": "There is scant reason for optimism - to a visitor walking through the city, the blunders are beginning to outweigh the gems."

●   Hume has high hopes for $1.25 billion in new funding to flood-proof Toronto's Port Lands, but only thanks to the provincial and federal government ("This city isn't poor, it's cheap. Big difference.").

●   Bozikovic parses Toronto's Port Lands Flood Protection Project on the Don River, green roofs, and "flexible thinking" when it comes to "urban design in the time of climate change."

●   Moore is more than a bit morose about "the battle for Britain's green spaces - with massive budgets cuts (up to 90%!), "and land being lost to developers. Once gone, they won't come back."

●   Bernstein crunches the numbers re: how carbon-sequestering 8,000 trees will be at Foster's Apple HQ in Cupertino: even though its building is very green, the campus "will emit more than 100 times as much carbon as its trees absorb. That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep planting trees."

●   Wallace-Wells takes a deep (depressing - but must-read) dive into "what climate change could wreak - sooner than you think" ("we are living through" the Earth's sixth mass extinction - we're doomed!).

●   On (hopefully) brighter notes: Carmody Groarke's has big, green plans for a 44-hectare public park built over a gravel quarry near Heathrow.

●   OMA's master plan for Facebook's mixed-use neighborhood next to its HQ in Menlo Park will focus on housing (including affordable) and regional transportation (and lots of green, of course).

●   Sykes says "its time to cut Venice some slack - she has a serious, powerful, confident past - one that deserves to be remembered and celebrated."

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