Today’s News - Thursday, July 6, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: With the 4th of July falling on Tuesday, we considered not posting this week, but then we'd be swamped with "old news" by next here's a smattering of catch-up after being away 6 days; more catch-up tomorrow.

●   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo's Criminal Courts for Oral Trials in Patzcuaro, Mexico, that reflects a series of constitutional reforms and represents "the ideals of the new system - 'transparency, equality, democracy, justice and dignity.'"

●   Vietnamese architect Nghia has high hopes that his low-cost prefabricated "S House" will suit "people in slums, remote areas and refugee camps - one of several 'humanitarian' or 'social' architecture projects worldwide that highlight a rising social consciousness in the profession" (though "high-profile humanitarian architecture" is not without its critics).

●   Kamin cheers the Elmhurst Art Museum's plans to restore the McCormick House, a "Mies gem" that "is about to have a coming-out party + His take on plans for the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

●   King cheers "a modest winner" of a new hotel near San Francisco's ballpark: "well-crafted buildings these days are too rare. Newcomers like Hotel Via deserve attention - if only to nudge other developers and architects to step up their game."

●   Bozikovic serves up bravos for Toronto's Bentway under a busy expressway that "represents a new generation of public space" by "reusing tough scraps of the urban fabric."

●   Mafi x 2: he brings us new images of Hadid's 600 Collins Street in Melbourne with "an intricate exterior design" that gives it "a delicate, almost whimsical and vase-like aesthetic."

●   He also offers eyefuls of Kuma's idea for a luxury hotel on Paris's Left Bank "that appears completely different from all buildings in the area" (that's f'er sure - S.O.S. Paris and others will undoubtedly take this one on!).

●   V Three Studios' design for the Navajo-owned radio station KTNN gives "the native people of the Four Corners region of the southwestern U.S." a voice.

●   McMansion Hell's Wagner riffs on "the rise of the McModern" that offers the same "architecturally botched nature of the McMansion. To see something only for its superficial attributes or financial potential and execute it carelessly is perhaps the most 'Mc' thing anyone can do."

●   Pedersen offers a soulful "requiem" for his old NYC nabe, "a thoroughly nondescript block on the Upper East Side. (For me, it's a clear sign that I need to get back either a lot more or a lot less often.)"

●   Hosey's two-parter ponders whether Weese's Washington Metro should really be considered "'Brutalist.' To answer this, we'd need to define Brutalism clearly, and this is surprisingly elusive."

●   FLW x 2: Wilson outlines the "bundle of contradictions" apparent in Wright's design for a never-built "Negro" school that "elucidates his views on both education and race."

●   Blander showcases nine (out of "roughly 50") of Taliesin West's "most iconic student shelters."

Winners all

●   July's Curry Stone Design Prize Social Design Circle honorees answer the question: Can We Design a Slum-Friendly City?

●   Highlights from the A' Design Awards and Competition winners (and link to 130+ architecture projects among 1,958 winners from 98 countries in 97 categories).

●   Winners of the L.A. Business Council's 47th Annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards.

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