Today’s News - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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●   ArcSpace offers Kiser's tour through Perrault's New Mechanics Hall - ME Building on the EPFL campus in Lausanne that "serves as a large-scale experimental playground and laboratory for research scientists."

●   Atlee explains how architects, community developers, and others are "taking on finance and economics as a design challenge to support progressive design."

●   ElDeeb talks to security experts Nadel and Bakheit re: how urban security can combat terrorism, and the "collaborative process" involved.

●   Q&A with EDSA's Torti re: the challenge of giving Savannah a makeover while staying true to the city's historic roots: "it was an appropriate time to improve the public realm."

●   Bozikovic hails the new African American museum in D.C.: there's "a lot of symbolism for concrete and aluminum to carry, but this museum succeeds" with "architecture that strives to invent a new language," and "also draws upon the language of the past."

●   Denton Corker Marshall wins the Shepparton Art Museum competition with a "small and tall" design that "conceives the total building as an art container."

●   Meanwhile in Melbourne, an appreciation of the city's "portfolio of works by of some of the architectural giants of their age," even if their "dominance is receding" on the growing skyline.

●   Neutra's once "down-at-the-heels" (and facing demolition) Painted Desert Community Complex in Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park is restored to the architect's original vision.

●   Hawthorne has a hearty Q&A with 2 deans - UCLA's Abe and USC's Ma re: "the ugliness of L.A. architecture, 'Uberism' and more": "Arranging the conversation wasn't easy. There has sometimes been tension in their relationship."

●   Meanwhile, Milton Curry will succeed Qingyun Ma as dean of the USC School of Architecture.

●   St. Hill offers a fascinating profile of Hong Kong-based Rural Urban Framework, winner of RIBA's first International Emerging Architect: "It revels in working with low budgets and minimal resources."

●   Hucal profiles Decq, the "punk rock architect" who "is used to hearing the word 'no.' Heeding it, however, is not her specialty."

●   Frida Escobedo "plans to take the future of Mexican architecture into her own hands."

●   One we couldn't resist: the Dutch city of Amersfoort now sports a building with "emoji cast in concrete as modern gargoyles - the architect says it's better than using 'heads of the king or whatever.'"

●   A good reason to head to Sydney next week: Australian Institute of Architects National Conference: "Praxis: Process. Propositions. Production" (great roster of speakers - women included).

●   Winners all: eyefuls of AIA Committee on the Environment 2017 COTE Top Ten Awards & Top Ten Plus + 2017 AIA Housing Awards (both great presentations!).

●   Eyefuls of the WT SmartCity 2017 International Award for Urban and Architectural Design winners.

●   Foster + Partners' designer Jennifer Ly wins the 2016/2017 Rotch Travelling Scholarship.

●   Call for entries: Docomomo US Modern Mexico Study Grants (must be U.S. citizens).

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