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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

•   Betsky tackles architects' dilemma re: Trump's border wall: "Where do we draw the line? Down and down the rabbit hole we go."

•   Bhatia tackles density and voting behavior: "If you want to predict how someone will vote, ask: How near are your neighbors?" (some amazing drawings, too!)

•   Florida explains why "we need a stronger word than 'NIMBY' to describe how destructive 'winner-take-all' urbanism can be" (Luddites involved).

•   King parses a draft of a new Bay Area regional plan: "the first time around," the plan "drew opposition. So far, the update seems to be moving forward without fireworks."

•   Add to that, an interesting Q&A with San Francisco's planning director re: architects alleging obstruction: "It's not about creating great architecture. It's about preventing really egregious architecture."

•   Kamin cheers Detroit's "evolving new ideas for how to revive its stricken neighborhoods" to "make a new kind of city - not with big plans, but with small steps."

•   Filion & Keil re: how and why both "growing and shrinking suburbs offer fertile ground for infrastructure experimentation and innovation" (both "hard" and "soft" sorts).

•   Pondering the two "movements" advocating for and against glass skyscrapers - they could soon be a thing of the past, or we can "just be more careful with where and how we use glass."

•   Feldman cheers an initiative at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture that "wants to disrupt conventional notions of planning" when it comes to diversity (the tale of "Freedom Colonies" is fascinating!).

•   Iovine gives RAMSA's Museum of the American Revolution in Philly two thumbs-ups for "how seamlessly it contributes to a historic and proud sense of place. For Stern, classicism remains as genuine a language today as it was in the past."

•   Florida (the sate) on our mind to coincide with AIA confab in Orlando next week: Bentley dives into turning the tide when it comes to overhauling the urban landscape to save it from rising seas (and 500% increase in flood insurance premiums!).

•   Santa Lucia cheers as Miami, once "equal parts parking lot and low-key laboratory for designers," welcomes a "new species of architectural element."

•   Dickinson relates his 12-year journey from being an AIA "outsider" to getting his FAIA: "Is it disingenuous for me to be in the '3%' of AIA architects declared to be a 'Fellow'? Maybe."

•   Meanwhile, the AIA tries to clarify who should be dubbed "intern" to make it feel a little less "trivializing."

•   Heading Down Under: What is giving Tasmania what appears to be "disproportionate design clout. Is there something in the water? Something unique about the education?"

•   Profiles of 7 Australian firms that "should be on your radar" this year (heartening to see so many women!).

•   2017 UDIA National Awards for Excellence celebrate Australia's "skills and innovation in the urban development."

•   Congrats to Architizer's Firm of the Year and 5 special honorees in the 2017 A+Awards.

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