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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

•   ArcSpace brings us In-Between Economies' take on what it will take to make cities "more humane, more sociable, more equitable places to call home."

•   Dickinson ponders "the healthy line between imitation and innovation - authentic innovation takes courage; imitation and hacking minimizes the potential to be called out."

•   Schwab parses Ideo's "attempt to quantify innovation" - it's "hard to pin down," but Ideo is "cracking the code."

•   Architect Mihaly "responds deftly" to a video by Australia's Association of Professional Builders "imploring consumers to bypass architects in custom home construction."

•   While we're Down Under, Australian Institute of Architects President Maher ponders whither goest "The Great Australian Dream" of affordable housing, and "why architecture matters - good design can't be seen as a luxury or an optional extra; rather, it is essential."

•   Residents of Apalachico, Florida, "are divided over how to solve a lack of affordable housing" - build new homes or restore the historic shotguns "that are its legacy."

•   Arthur Cotton Moore wants to turn old subway cars into housing for D.C.'s homeless (vegetable gardens included): "the Metro might be open to his [very cool] idea."

•   Budds cheers LGA's Eva's Phoenix, a new teen homeless shelter in downtown Toronto that "is redefining what a homeless shelter means."

•   Plans are afoot to demolish Sasaki's fountain in Gensler's makeover of the Citicorp Center in Manhattan: how is it "beyond the Landmarks Preservation Commission's oversight in the first place" (say it ain't so - it's our subway stop and we love it!).

•   King is heartened by the newest makeover of San Francisco's 160-year-old South Park that is now one of the city's "most satisfying public spaces" ("space for homeless people to stretch out" included).

•   Hawthorne tools around H&deM's Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg's HafenCity: "As an example of contemporary design and a civic project, it is less a cautionary tale about high budgets than a near-perfect distillation of the last two decades of architectural history."

•   Chicago is getting a blues museum that will include "community-based programs for city neighborhoods."

•   Cave Creek, AZ, is getting a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired development designed by the FLW School of Architecture: "It would be interesting to hear what he would say - but then again he wasn't known for being a particularly nice man."

•   More good news for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture: after being in jeopardy for several years, it will keep its accreditation (Betsky must be beaming!).

•   Jacob has an interesting take on the "age of post-digital drawing" (pencil and paper - gasp!): this "new cult of the drawing" is "in strict opposition to the digital rendering's desire to make the fiction seem 'real.'"

•   Keskeys offers 5 "powerful" renderings that "conjure strong, even overwhelming, feelings."

•   Quito explains that "architects have been gearing up to build Trump's border wall for years - thought experiments began popping up in 2006."

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