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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

•   Dunlap pens an eloquent tribute to Christopher Gray, the NYT's "architectural detective and social historian" who "lovingly highlighted quirky design and backstairs gossip from decades past" (we will miss him so much!!!).

•   It's (another) Trumpian day: A Miami firm is "proposing a softer, gentler version" of Trump's border wall: "a sustainable structure built out of recycled shipping containers" (with shopping and housing and more - oh my!).

•   Miller minces no words about aestheticizing the wall: "the architects who design it will be complicit" in its politics - "a lesson that history has already taught us."

•   Deamer et al. are against the wall: "responses to the RFP reflect a profession that has become passive about its ethical mission," and "can no longer assert moral agency."

•   Untapped Cities' Young parses the public spaces at Trump Tower: "We need to hold him accountable to the legal standards - starting with the sad public spaces" within the tower itself.

•   Walker walks us through some art projects that could help turn NIMBYs into YIMBYs.

•   McKay offers a "nine-step architectural beauty detox plan: Representation is perhaps the closest to the center of all that is wrong."

•   Volf explains why Behar's "crib sheet" of design principles just isn't enough - what he leaves out "is telling" (and a warning).

•   King has high hopes for SOM's towering plans for 1500 Mission Street that "shows how this part of San Francisco could be transformed - but it also shows how tough it is to fit ambitious visions into a complex setting" (preservationists are not pleased).

•   Farrow's design for a new cancer center in Jerusalem intends to offer a "sense of hope and protection - where people can thrive and prosper, rather than cope and survive."

•   Boyadzhieva explains how to rethink campus infrastructure: "'think out of the box' of infrastructure's standard forms, think (not build) big, think sustainable, and think playful - and put them to the test."

•   Landscape architect Julie Stevens has overseen three design-build projects at a women's prison in Iowa that "help make the case for corrections departments everywhere to invest in humane design."

•   Goldberger celebrates Pei on the eve of his 100th birthday: this living legend's career "has never rested on success and always seemed to be reaching for something new."

•   Bouras basks in the beauty of a never-built Beadle, now "balancing geometry with the natural landscape" in Palm Springs.

•   Why Ishrat Nowshehri "decided to swim upstream" and become Kashmir's first female architect ("women in India seem to have a keen liking for architecture - nearly 44% of the 58,646 registered architects are females" - wow!).

•   Ingalls parses the four winners in the Arch Out Loud/Last House on Mulholland Competition with houses under the Hollywood sign that "could portend the next iteration of residential design."

•   Call for entries: Nominations for Open Season on Open Space - TCLF's Landslide 2017 Threatened and At-Risk Landscapes in North America.

•   Happy Ides of March (though Caesar might not concur).

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