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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 7, 2017

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Araghian's Tabi'at Bridge in Tehran that is "redefining the pedestrian bridge for a 21st century Iran" (but not without controversy).

•   Dittmar parses "post truth architecture in the age of Trump. Perhaps a new prize could be established for the best post truth building [i.e. the border wall], saving the rest of us from its reality?"

•   Finch tackles Trump, Schumacher, "alternative facts," and Twitter: "there should be a metaphorical health warning attached to these new media: 'May contain nuts.'"

•   Cramer re: the Trump administration's rumored plans to cut budgets or kill "many architecturally, urbanistically, and environmentally important programs. Even a skinny government can afford to support design thinking, climate stabilization, building science, and energy conservation."

•   Loth re: the new administration - now, more than ever architects' problem-solving skills "will be called upon as never before. Nothing is achieved by paralysis and despair."

•   Madsen considers HUD's future under Carson and his argument that "environment isn't as much of a determining factor as willpower" (never mind he just compared slave trade to immigration- yikes!).

•   Grabar takes a deep dive into how cities and planners are keeping the politically-toxic phrase "climate change" out the political conversation by using the nonpartisan substitute "resilience planning."

•   Q&A with Lori Brown re: feminism's role in architecture, and how she sees her discipline functioning under Trump.

•   Saffron responds to the redesign of the fence around Philly's Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square: "the debate over how to manage our park is a reflection of the nation's current struggle to maintain a public realm that is truly public."

•   Lamster warns Fort Worth that it is "in danger of committing" a "self-inflicted wound" if it builds a hotel across from Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum: "The world will be watching."

•   Gallagher says "we should temper early judgments" about SHoP's "stunning design" for what will be Detroit's tallest tower: "I predict the building mostly will live up to" its "ambitions of architectural innovation and distinction - but with one large 'if.'"

•   Lange looks around NYC's new 2nd Avenue Subway stations that "are saved from total dullness by Instagram-worthy art installations. Fear not flame orange - fear instead New York looking like anywhere else."

•   Viglucci x 2: He parses new Miami towers by starchitects and the city's home-grown talent: "is the starchitect blush starting to wear off?" (probably not).

•   He digs into the details of Hadid's Miami tower and the ships from Dubai loaded with "structural pieces bound for what's likely the most unusual, not to say outlandish, tower ever erected in Miami."

•   Kamin gets the skinny on what we can expect from Chicago's 2nd Architecture Biennial "Make New History" that hopes to "give visitors a richly immersive, Instagram-ready experience."

•   Two architects from Mexico take home AJ/AR's Woman Architect of the Year 2017 and the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture.

•   Eyefuls of the winning design for the 2017 City of Dreams Pavilion on Governors Island (and the finalists - all very cool!).

•   A good reason to check out "Ash to Art" auction at Christie's, London tomorrow: International artists use ashes from The Glasgow School of Art fire to create artworks to help raise money for the school's restoration.

•   A good reason to head to Shanghai: the Xintiandi Design Festival and Design Shanghai are now in full swing.

•   Call for entries: Sunbrella YoungBird "Shade-scape" Sunshade Pattern Design Competition.

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