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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 1, 2017

•   It's a Pritzker kind of day (with more commentary to follow, we're sure):

•   Kamin says Aranda, Pigem, and Vilalta "are modernists who favor formal simplicity over the baroque forms."

•   Wainwright cheers the "radical departure" of "a glamorous gong" usually given to starchitects being "awarded to an unknown trio who have spent the last three decades designing beautifully made buildings from a converted foundry near the Pyrenees."

•   Pogrebin says much the same: "The era of the celebrity architect may be over."

•   A triple header that includes "9 Things to Know About the New Pritzker Prize Winners" + "Q&A with Ramon Vilalta re: Pritzker Win and Post-Prize Ambitions."

•   And, for good measure, the Pritzker's own announcement - with lots of information, images, videos, etc.

•   RAIC awards posthumous 2017 Gold Medal to Roger du Toit, whose portfolio includes Toronto's CN Tower and Ottawa's Parliamentary Precinct.

•   Australian Institute of Architects awards the inaugural Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize to Catherine Baudet "for outstanding support of women in the architectural profession spanning more than 30 years."

•   Baltimore non-profits find a rather unique way to deal with a glut of vacant buildings by putting unemployed people to work "demolishing blighted properties - and transforming salvaged bricks and beams into valuable building materials."

•   Bozikovic cheers LGA's transformation of an old, leaky industrial shed at Toronto's Brickworks into "a national hub" to "showcase tools and practices for building sustainable cities - an important piece of the design will be accepting imperfections."

•   Wainwright minces no words about plans for two "colossal bronze skyscrapers" that would loom over Manchester's Victorian center: "beginner-level urban design blunders suffuse the entire scheme" (ouch!).

•   New details about H&deM's $2 billion, 15-acre 6AM project in L.A.'s Arts District that "will function like a small-scale city."

•   Yazdani's "$45 million experiment to turn dorms into incubators" for the University of Utah - where "dorm life and startup culture collide."

•   Pedersen's great Q&A with Hawthorne re: L.A.'s "urban identity crisis, wonky analyses of data" about the L.A. River, the city's "really anemic levels of civic engagement," and much more.

•   Capps ranks "epic boondoggles - infrastructure quagmires" that illustrate "some of the more egregious ways we like to set our money on fire" (Olympics, NFL, and prisons included).

•   Eyefuls of the AJ 2017 Small Projects Awards shortlist - in two parts (a very cool no-cost, no-impact composting toilet included!).

•   A fabulous take on the "otherworldly architecture" in a leafy Japanese hamlet where "distinctive design is the expression of the uninhibited self" (the wedding chapel is truly otherworldly!).

•   Two young Malaysian architects "have hung up their technical drawing tools in favor of the wrench" (one found landscape architecture "boring").

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