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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: Be sure to check out the last two entries with a most timely message: "If there was ever a time when the world needed a bit of extra love, that time is now." Happy Valentine's Day!

•   ArcSpace brings us Kiser's take on Snøhetta's second Lillehammer Art Museum & Cinema expansion.

•   Jolliffe tackles labels like "woman architect" that tend to marginalize issues that actually affect the entire profession.

•   Florida and Small parse a recent working paper by economists that analyzes what makes cities too small or too big: "we might need more people to live in fewer (but bigger) cities."

•   Marshall considers why having places to protest make cities happier and healthier: "Sometimes taking up space is political; sometimes it's personal. In cities, it can - and should - be both."

•   King considers the challenges in "two initiatives at vastly different scales" to reinvent San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza (space for protest included).

•   The first phase of the QueensWay in NYC gets underway as the design team assures residents along its 3.5-mile route that it will not "lead to new development that displaces existing residents," as the High Line has.

•   O'Sullivan takes a deep - and fascinating - dive into the "passionate movement of locals" to save Venice, which "has never been more threatened."

•   The architects tapped to design a bulletproof-glass wall around the Eiffel Tower "are taking extra steps to marry aesthetic considerations and new security measures" (alas, the architects are not named).

•   Bernstein is quite taken by DS+R's Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University - a "delirious doodle against the neighborhood's 3D grid," where "form foments function."

•   Diamond Schmitt is tapped to design intermodal transit hub for what is "the largest urban mixed-use development in Canada."

•   Boeri is taking his "Vertical Forest" concept to China, with "two greenery-covered towers" in Nanjing that "will serve as a prototype for other pollution-threatened Chinese cities."

•   A deep dive into the "unusual and radical" proposal to rebuild Penn Station as it was, "undoing a cultural crime" (fab images; tho' nary a fab word for Calatrava's WTC transit hub).

•   Plans are moving forward to resurrect the "modern ruin" that is St. Peter's Seminary, west of Glasgow (the original drawings and plans, and vintage photos make this a must-see!).

•   Mortice reports on the results of 2014 Wheelwright Prize winner Ahedo's two-year study that "confronts bizarrely opposed, parallel tracks of contemporary agriculture."

•   Gerfen and Risen offer a terrific presentation of the 12 winners of the 64th Progressive Architecture Awards who "represent design that pushes the envelope."

•   The impressive shortlists of women in the running for the 2017 Architect of the Year Award and the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture.

•   Gehl gets the keys to Sydney for his more-than-a-decade of "driving" the city "to create a greener, more livable and better connected city."

•   Call for entries deadline reminder: 2017 Modernism in America Awards.

•   Two we couldn't resist: Arch Record and ArchDaly round up bunches of Valentine cards by (and for) architects: "If there was ever a time when the world needed a bit of extra love, that time is now."

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