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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 7, 2017

•   ArcSpace brings us Tory-Henderson's take on Karakusevic Carson's low-rise housing estate in London that "stands as a beacon of hope in our bleak housing climate."

•   Dittmar is (somewhat) cheered by a new housing white paper that "contains some welcome measures - but I had hoped it would go further."

•   McKay eloquently opines about the need for a "new definition of architectural beauty - our narrow concept has forgotten Virtue and prevents us from appreciating any beauty that isn't visual."

•   Glancey considers beauty and virtue in his list of "the 10 buildings you must visit before you die."

•   Three architects call for Australians to build cities that "better reflect Indigenous ownership and heritage," instead of architecture that "can often lead to a feeling of dispossession."

•   Hawthorne considers "the airport as public square and protest central," and how protestors have turned "architectural deficiencies to their political advantage."

•   Budds says "healthy architecture may have gotten its most powerful ally yet" in Google's collaboration with HBN to develop a green materials database that "has the potential to transform how the entire building industry thinks" ("or is this another tech-will-save-us moment of blind optimism?" We sure hope not!).

•   Perhaps the second try will be the charm in transforming a former car factory on an island in Paris into a cultural hub (Nouvel's original master plan bit the dust).

•   CTBUH lays out its "Top 12 Tall Building Predictions for 2017": crowdfunding, tall woodscrapers, and "'extreme' skyscraper experiences" included.

•   Move over, MAD's Marylyn Monroe towers (a.k.a. Absolute Towers), CORE has designed an "undulating" tower that will be the tallest in Mississauga.

•   Meanwhile, Quadrangle Architects has re-imagined Toronto's CN Tower as a condo: it's "a pipe dream (or nightmare) for now," but illustrates "how the city can adapt and transform buildings."

•   A round-up of four upcoming projects, in celebration of Black History Month (no, Frederick Douglas is not one of the architects).

•   The Astrodome joins the Alamo as a state landmark, which means it cannot be touched without permission from the Texas Historical Commission, but Houston still has plans for modifications.

•   This year's Times Square Valentine's Heart celebrates diversity and immigration in NYC: "given the current political climate, the conversation couldn't be more timely" (we hope this drizzly day doesn't dampen its opening today).

•   Mark x 2: "A quarter of a century after the Pritzker Prize failed to recognize her," Scott Brown wins Jane Drew Prize 2017.

•   She has a great Q&A with Scott Brown re: prizes, Postmodernism, and Drew: "I hold very different opinions from the ones she held. She might mind that I have been given the prize - but I don't."

•   Whiteread takes home the 2017 Ada Louise Huxtable Prize for her "significant contribution to architecture and the built environment."

•   The Curry Stone Design Prize's Social Design Circle podcasts for February will explore the question: Is the Right to Housing Real?

•   Call for entries: Mango Vinyl Hub architecture competition to transform an abandoned tin foil factory in Latvia.

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