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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 1, 2017

•   Holl, Libeskind, and Snøhetta condemn Trump's travel restrictions.

•   Kennicott ponders the possibility of the defunding of the NEA, NEH, and PBS: the "proposed budget cuts are part of a nascent but ominous larger movement to eliminate the last vestiges of a public realm free of the dictates of the market."

•   Budds explains why "defunding the NEA would be incredibly stupid" - it "funds local community building, educational programs, job training, housing, and more."

•   Though "research could still use an upgrade, everything we know about whether and how the arts improve lives should cheer any arts advocate."

•   Betsky paints a rather bleak picture about our "pick-up truck nation" living in virtual and real bubbles that threaten to "tear us so far apart that nothing remains of human society."

•   Darley says if Trump visits London, "let's harness the capital's most visible infrastructure [i.e. bridges] to show him exactly what we think" (Londoners did a great job doing just that on Jan. 21!).

•   20 years and $15 million later, Christo walks away from his "Over the River" project because of Trump: "I can't do a project that benefits this landlord."

•   Jacobs takes a deep - and fascinating - dive into architects' pursuit of disaster relief housing: "the typical architectural response to disaster may be fundamentally misguided - there's a better response to the refugee crisis."

•   Wainwright x 2: he explains why Ikea's flatpack refugee shelter won London's Design Museum Beazley Design of the Year: it "has already changed the lives of thousands of refugees around the world - but the project hasn't always had an easy ride."

•   He digs into the dilemma of land-banking, with developers "hoarding" enough land to solve the U.K.'s housing crisis.

•   Moore has a few good things to say about UNStudio's new London tower: it "aims to be a new blueprint for communal living" - but "the rhetoric of connection paradoxically increases disconnection."

•   Kamin parses Smith + Gill and Jahn's proposals to replace Jahn's "boldly curving" Thompson Center that could be tallest tower in Chicago.

•   Díaz offers high praise for Hariri Pontarini's Bahá'í Temple, "a stunning landmark" outside of Santiago, Chile, on a site that "appears to be the temple's rightful destiny."

•   It's an impressive team of 11 firms planning and designing Phase 2 of the massive, $2 billion, 3.2-million-square-foot The Wharf in D.C.

•   DesBrisay takes a look back at Kahn's Yale Art Gallery and "the lessons learned from restoring a modernist classic, as well as a look forward at the ongoing need for modernist preservation."

•   Lubell lines up some "amazing things architects make when they aren't architecting" (fashion, food, and boat-building included).

•   A new global survey reveals where architects get paid most: there are "huge salary disparities between North America and western Europe."

•   One we couldn't resist: Wainwright named London's "hottest man" - he "attributes his victory" to his profile pictures in Lautner's Sheats Goldstein Residence (man bun included).

•   Call for entries: ArchDaily's Architecture-Themed Valentine's Day Card 2017 + Vote for 2017 ArchDaily Building of the Year.

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