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Today’s News - Thursday, January 19, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days; we'll be back Tuesday, January 24 (and note the bunches of calls for entries today!).

•   Bozikovic talks to some Canadian women architects who are "at the top of their game about opportunities for growth in the profession" - and the many challenges they still face.

•   Phillips takes a broad view of "gender diversity in Canada's architecture profession": Canada may be "ahead of both the U.S. and the U.K. - but there are still significant problems."

•   Darnstadt explains how her "Plan B" to "to become a social impact designer without going broke" resulted in the success of Latent Design.

•   A great Q&A with Eskandari re: how she weaves her Islamic faith with her practice: she "views her practice as an extension of her faith - which means, basically, to make 'good architecture' for the 99%."

•   The fascinating saga of how Shim-Sutcliffe's (beautiful!) Taoist temple near Toronto took the high road in dealing with "Markham's real religion: parking" and "ferocious NIMBYism."

•   Speaking of sacred spaces, Crosbie parses the Oval Office: "while it lacks old age, it possesses the aura of a sacred spot" (at least until tomorrow...sigh).

•   Sheridan parses the evolution of modern architecture, engineering, and design firms in dealing with challenges of technology, attracting talent, and succession-planning.

•   An amusing "then vs. now" re: being an architect: "1. Drawing vs. Software; 4. A Lot of Old White Men vs. Slightly Less Old White Men"; etc.

•   Lang offers a fascinating take on the history of London's council architects and their departments that "fostered an aspiration, ingenuity and innovation - and can do so again."

•   Eyefuls of the 5 finalists vying to design the new Shepparton Art Museum (they couldn't be more different!).

•   Call for entries (bunches and bunches!): Camboo Bamboo Landmark Design Challenge + University of Hawai'i' s "Make the Ala Wai Watershed Awesome" Student Design Challenge + 10th Dedalo Minosse International Prize honoring the client's role + World Habitat Awards 2017/18 + 2017 Radical Innovation Awards for inventive hospitality concepts + Applications for Be Original Americas' 7-week Summer Design Fellowship program.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   The documentary "Desert Maverick: The Singular Architecture of William F. Cody" beautifully illustrates his work as "unique among other modernist architects."

•   Snarkitecture's giant 1.1 million ball pit "The Beach" now stars at the Sydney Festival.

•   "The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley" road show lands at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design in Richmond, VA.

•   "Nature and Cities" is "handsome and visually rich" with "big ideas and projects that showcase them. Sizable ambition certainly shines through."

•   Brussat cheers Locktov for achieving "the most evocative stroll along the skinniest of tightropes" in putting together "Dream of Venice Architecture."

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