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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 9, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're too depressed to do a full-length newsletter today. The last item (involving cats and the election results) cheered us a bit...maybe it will do the same for many of you.

•   ArcSpace brings us MacLeod's take on the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture: "an elegant, understated architectural gesture" and "a poetic response to a deeply complex and intersectional subject."

•   Jacobs spends some quality time with Maurice Cox to find out "how an ambitious planner and progressive new development are shaping Detroit - a city that has reached a historic tipping point."

•   Bliss delves into new research re: the broken-windows theory: "the science behind it was always a bit thin," but "there may be a research-backed explanation for why some environments bring out poor behavior."

•   Lubell cheers the "strikingly imaginative" rethinking of homeless architecture by USC's School of Architecture students that will result in a prototype shelter.

•   Kamin finds a low-budget apartment building "makes a compelling case that Jenga architecture might amount to something more than an aesthetic fad" (despite a few "grating faults").

•   High hopes that a new proposal for the Guggenheim Helsinki will pass muster with the city.

•   Aibéo, on the other hand, minces now words about why Helsinki should say no: "the Guggenheim Foundation is the rat sausage we should be banning."

•   On a brighter note, Medina queries Mia Lehrer re: how she feels about the master plan for L.A. River being handed over to Gehry, her new FAB Park, and cleaning up the river - "one mattress at a time."

•   Tibbetts delves deep into how Charleston, SC, has stopped arguing about climate change and started planning for it instead, though "some risks are likely to remain unknown until the water comes."

•   Campanella offers a fascinating history of how "Modernist architecture redrew the New Orleans skyline - all within 30 or so years."

•   Rybczynski heads to Buffalo hoping to find Saarinen chairs at the Kleinhans Music Hall, "but I stayed for the architecture" of this "not widely known building" that "is remarkable in several ways."

•   Nouvel, Chipperfield, SANAA, and OPEN are in the running to design the Pudong Art Museum on a prime location in Lujiazui.

•   One we couldn't resist: "The emotional stages of watching the U.S. election results unfold, as told by cats - your friendly internet saviors are here."



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