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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 12, 2016

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Marks Barfield's British Airways i360 tower in Brighton, which "seeks to reinvent the Victorian 'pleasure pier' for the 21st century."

•   O'Sullivan parses a report that offers "big lessons the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor's Challenge winners can teach other cities" (talking and listening involved - what a concept!).

•   Mortice takes a deep dive into what ails Chicago's public housing conundrums, and how some architects and developers are working "to change a broken system" - lessons abound for other cities, too.

•   Campbell Gallagher doesn't buy the mayor of Paris's plans to "reinvent" the city: "Mon Dieu! Doesn't anyone get what Paris is doing to itself? Hidalgo will march through Paris like Sherman through Georgia. Let the world cry out as loudly for Paris as for Palmyra!" (Paris = Palmyra?!!?)

•   OZ Architecture's Bershof and Stone make the case for preservation and adaptive reuse as "extremely economically and environmentally valuable options" for booming cities - "character-rich cities tend to be more attractive."

•   Barnett investigates the often fraught relationship between landscape architecture and indigenous communities: "Native plants are all the rage, but native humans are bracketed out" - though there is hope with "the emerging field of Traditional Ecological Knowledge."

•   Bennetts says he "feels like the industry has gone backwards since the recession. Have we all forgotten where 'best practice' was going?" Now, sadly, it's "leading to emasculation of those who believe in integration of design and construction."

•   Galea researches what it's going to take to "get more women in hard hats": while there are no signs on construction sites saying "'you're not welcome,' it's the thousand paper cut reminders that continue to drive the female drought."

•   Saffron cheers HWKN and team's Pennovation Center that uses "savvy understanding of the intersection between design, branding, media, and social networking" to turn a factory "into a rocket ship, a not-so-subtle metaphor for innovation and exploration."

•   Lamster lauds Cunningham's work on Dallas's historic Temple Emanu-El: "his hand is all but invisible - it is as it was, which is as it should be. He was more forceful elsewhere."

•   Pedersen queries the Ford Foundation's Walker re: renovating the landmark to align with the organizations' "emerging social justice mission - and letting the public in."

•   Stathaki is quite struck by the "design-led neighborhood" rising around the soon-to-open Design Museum in London: "The site's transformation is fascinating."

•   SOM's Center for Character and Leadership Development at the U.S. Air Force Academy is "an artful study in conflict avoidance, restraint, and strategic power projection."

•   NYC's Landmarks Preservation Commission gives the green light to Studio Gang's expansion of the American Museum of Natural History, "but preservation and neighborhood parks groups were not as bullish. After hours of tension, a palpable wave of relief emanated from the assembled architects."

•   Call for entries: Inaugural Van Alen Institute Flash Competition: Opportunity Space: A Response to European Migration and Economic Opportunity through Design (with monetary support to make it happen!).



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