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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 27, 2016

•   ANN feature: Call for Entries (and big prizes!): Green Skyline - Country Garden - Forest City Landmark Architecture International Design Competition (registration deadline looms!).

•   Betsky has a field day parsing Heatherwick's "woven staircases" at Hudson Yards, named "Vessel - or the Stairway to Corporate Heaven, or whatever the $150 million mound of staircases will be called - in the end, we have to live with and assess what contributions this bit of absurdity will make to New York."

•   Iovine gives two thumbs-ups to D.C.'s new African American museum: it "bears the immense weight of its historic genesis as lightly as the shimmer on its triple-stacked crown shape - the spirit of inclusion [and] celebration is palpable in every space."

•   Artsy "gets the inside scoop from the architects, and reviews from critics, on the NMAAHC and its artifacts."

•   Capps digs into the details of how and why the museum's design team put most of the massive museum underground: "It took a small city to design, build, and engineer this thing."

•   Hawthorne has (haltingly) high hopes for H&deM's massive plans for L.A.'s Arts District: "Overall, the design is thoughtful in its response to its site," but we're seeing it "in its rosy-fingered-dawn phase - we'd be wise to hold on to some skepticism."

•   Dehghan offers a fascinating look at Tehran's "bold architecture": It "has long been home to a brand of wacky, yet distinctively Iranian, contemporary buildings."

•   The five (impressive) shortlisted teams tasked with reimagining NYC's (pathetic) Port Authority bus terminal show off their proposals, but one insider says: "I don't think any of these five designs are likely to survive."

•   In Zurich, Calatrava is building an office building next to his Stadelhofen rail station that "is relatively sedate for the architect" (parking for 1,000 bikes included).

•   O'Sullivan finds much to like in BIG's "novel concept" for affordable housing: floating shipping containers, but "there's still something about it that makes the heart sink - a souped-up collection of narrow cargo boxes made water-borne so as to adapt to a slow-drip, watery apocalypse."

•   Meanwhile, Perkins Eastman devises a portable "punk reimagining" of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre using shipping containers and scaffolding.

•   Geher, chair of psychology at SUNY New Paltz, gives "five-stars and two thumbs up" to Croxton's Wooster Hall: "I feel privileged to work in a space that was clearly designed with such an evolutionarily informed mindset. Long live the Sun God!"

•   After three years of research, the restoration of Kahn's "seminal" Salk Institute gets underway, thanks to the Getty.

•   Pacheco parses a "Periera in peril" as Zumthor's "oil leak-inspired, confusingly under-cooked" plan for LACMA: "The question for Los Angeles is: Are its buildings simply economic commodities or are they expressions of history and culture open to reuse and reinterpretation?"

•   Science magazine ponders "wood's true potential for 21st century cities" as "soaring wooden skyscrapers."

•   A TEDTalk by MASS's Murphy re: "architecture that's built to heal," including the firm's "ambitious plan for The Memorial to Peace and Justice, which he hopes will heal hearts in the American South."

•   Detroit Resists stays on the case of the Venice Biennale U.S. Pavilion's "lack of community representation," particularly when it comes to an upcoming panel: Who is missing from the conversation? "We might suggest that the very communities these processes pretend to aid are both invoked and erased."

•   New York and Singapore "take center-stage" among the five International Highrise Award finalists.

•   Níall McLaughlin takes home the RIBA Charles Jencks Award for Architecture 2016.

•   One we couldn't resist: Abramovic gives Foster a golden replica of his brain and a "mad scientist"' skull cap (at the "The Golden Brain Gala," where else?).

•   Lest we forget: Happy 18th Birthday, Google!

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