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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

•   It's a D.C. kind of day: Ike's family finally gives its blessing to Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial design, and hopes are high it will open on D-Day, 2019 ("opponents expressed disappointment").

•   Everyone is weighing in on D.C.'s African American museum (all worth reading!): Kennicott says it "tells powerful stories - but not as powerfully as it could."

•   Saffron says the "stunningly radiant building is unlike anything else" - it "fuses black history with American history with masterful nuance."

•   Wainwright says that "the gleeful, gleaming upturned pagoda" is a "welcome rebuke to dead white men" ("despite some clunks").

•   Moore marvels that, while "it is not flawless," the museum "does an outstanding job of giving due weight to horrors and heroism. It takes some nerve to do a building like this, on this spot, and the design is confident enough to pull it off."

•   O'Connell cheers "the fruits of a groundbreaking and visionary partnership" resulting in a "striking design that emphasizes the expressiveness of its architects, each with an eclectic portfolio."

•   Green calls attention to the surroundings of the "breathtaking new presence" on the National Mall: it is "well-served by a thoughtful and somewhat understated landscape" (we can't wait to see the 400,000 crocuses blooming next spring!).

•   Q&A with architectural photographer Jason Flakes re: "what if felt like to accomplish his mission" to photograph the interiors of the African American Museum (stunning!).

•   Kroloff, meanwhile, looks at the bigger picture of cultural projects slated to open around the world between now and next fall, "many by the biggest names in the architectural business."

•   Giovannini parses Heatherwick's "Escher-like creation" for Hudson Yards: "Beguiling, true," but "will it be a novelty that wears thin or eventually endures? Let the controversies begin."

•   Betsky offers a juror's perspective on DS+R's winning design in the Hainan Ecoisland Competition: "Built or un-built, it will serve as model for how we could be building new communities, one that I hope will resonate far beyond the forlorn spit of land now sitting off the shore of Hainan."

•   Kongrut delves deep into the controversies swirling around Bangkok's riverside promenade project that go well beyond "allegations of shameful plagiarism" of a Foster design that could turn the planned paradise into a Paradise Lost: huge concrete walls don't require an environmental impact assessment, say some, "because the project is categorized as a bicycle lane. Paradise Lost indeed."

•   In Australia, Hadid's twin-tower project on the Gold Coast could be delayed for up to a year: "it has to go through design development, construction, it has to be built, and the end product is not assured" (is it really comparable to the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House?).

•   ASLA launches "Resilient Design," a new guide that includes hundreds of case studies and resources.

•   Baillieu bemoans the reasons why the London Festival of Architecture isn't as successful as the London Design Festival: "if the people running it don't like each other and have different agendas, it's doomed."

•   A look at the evolution of room2learn as a "Pinterest" for teachers and designers + Design lessons from the world's smartest education centers (dozens of 'em!).

•   Eyefuls of the 2016 CODAaward winners that "celebrate the most successful integration of commissioned art into an interior, architectural, or public space" (great presentations!).

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